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White Bumps In Chin?


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Posted 02 October 2013 - 04:40 PM

Hi guys,

So I have these little white thing on my chin. I know that they are common and they aren't very noticeable unless I smile or move my chin. I squeezed one once and this white pus like stuff came out. I just started accutane and noticed an increase in the amount of them. It's probably part of the initial outbreak thing but I'm just wondering, has anyone else had this problem? If so, any fixes???

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 04:02 AM

Depending on how long you've been on Accutane, you might be having or starting to have the initial breakout. I've been on Accutane but unfortunately had to get off of it, but I got a bad initial breakout and I strongly advise NOT TO PICK. Call your doctor to make sure it's a normal reaction if you're feeling uneasy about it.

My Story:
I've had mild/moderate adult on-set acne which began towards the end of 2009 (22 years old). Regarding my beliefs and the previous skincare/lifestyle changes I've tried, I've been conflicted, misinformed, resistant, allergic, and/or had my hopes up too high only to be let down. Many of my previous posts on here may reflect that. Considering I've never found an explanation as to why I developed acne in my twenties, whereas I've had flawless skin my entire life up until then, I claim to know nothing. I can only offer my humble advice based on my own personal experiences.

Finished my Accutane course on 3/29/2015
40mg/day every month for 6 months

Current Skincare Routine:
Cleanser:  CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser (AM & PM)
Toners:  Rosewater or George's Aloe Spray (usually only PM)
Moisturizers:  Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen for Face, SPF 50 (AM) // Argan or Avocado Oil (PM)
Eye Cream:  Currently testing a few out - haven't yet found one that I like. (PM)

7/02/15 UPDATE:
It's been 3 months post 'tane and I'm still currently using only a gentle regimen. After my upcoming wedding (because I don't want to risk the possibility of compromising my skin beforehand!) I plan to start using my Clarisonic Mia with the Luxe Cashmere brush head as well as an AHA toner, gradually building up my tolerance for each of them.

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