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Chiropractors & Blood Circulation

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Posted 20 October 2013 - 11:44 AM

Yeah, I'll try PT on Monday and see if it works. My neck stopped hurting today, but it's usually on and off like that. 

I asked the chiro place what they mean by PT, and they said it includes a therapeutic massage, stretching and exercises, so I guess that's similar to what you got. Were you getting regular massages as well, or do you think those are not gonna help the situation? The adjustment is extra, so I guess the total would be $120 (plus a discount) for all that. I was thinking of just getting the weekly adjustment too, to save money. 


Trigger point massage (painful) helps for sure, but it is a no pain, no gain situation.


Relaxing massages are nice but don't really help. 


So if you can afford the massage, and if it is a true trigger point by an experienced trigger point specific therapist, go for it. It is all about the therapist though. There are people who will give you "deep tissue" massages, which are also painful, but they have no idea where actual trigger points are. They may as well massage you with a giant rolling pin.


A trigger point therapist will ask you where pain is occurring, and will press very hard on specific points in the body, either where it is hurting, or where a different spot may be causing referred pain. If they do it correctly, you should actually feel the muscle unwind after the trigger point. 


Though I should say I guess it depends on what your problem is. My accident resulted in really bad muscle knots. Specific areas of pain in specific places. I can point exactly to where a knot is, because the pain is very localized (even though I have multiple knots, I know exactly where they all are). If you're having more general and diffuse pain, then a deep tissue massage may be fine.

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 08:15 PM

Oh yeah, I had muscle knots too, but probably from stress since I haven't been in a car accident in years (knock on wood - I have been getting some tickets lately though :/). I think what I got yesterday must have been a trigger point massage because it hurt a lot, and then the chiro snapped my neck during the adjustment and I heard it crack. I think some muscles did unwind and the pain subsided significantly, but today some of the pain is back again...I think I will need to do this consistently for a few weeks/months. The chiro told me that conservative treatment won't fix anything though, which was a bit discouraging to hear. He said that if I get re-scanned in a few months, my back will probably still look the same. 

The MRI report said that there is "posterior central disc herniation/ protrusion which slightly indents the ventral portion of the thecal sac" and also "mild annular disc bulging is effacing the ventral portion of the thecal sac." How serious is this? I mean, if something is impacting the thecal sac, surely that's something that needs to be fixed, right? Also, if the discs are pushing on nerves, then shouldn't the goal of chiropractice be to move the protruding discs back to their place? Or is that too much to expect?  

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