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New To Forum....acne Struggles

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 10:50 AM

Hello.  Quick background I have suffered from acne for 10 years now since I was 18 yrs old.  Always had really good skin and one day decided to try proactiv bc I was a perfectionist and it seemed to trigger any underlying acne that may have be there, still which I have never returned from.  I have been on everything you could think of....OTC products washes, medications, Accutane 3x (which I regret the most bc of side effects I am still dealing with) among others and finally the regimen.  I will say that Ive had the most success with the regimen (other than accuatne) but would always stary after a few breakouts.  Now I am 28 and like many people on here just so incredibly sick of having to think/stress/deal with my acne on a daily basis; it truly disrupts my life and im tired from it.  I just have a couple questions/examples that I hope someone can give me some advice or share their experience with.....


1.  First, my acne has seem to go through different types throughout the past 10 yrs but the past 2/3 Ive noticed a very weird, annoying pattern.  A pimple now almost always forms the same way; it will start out as a small dot anywhere on my face but mostly upper cheeks and sides.  It will be hard to the touch like it is so deep under the skin and no exfoaliting or anything will work it just remains there.  It could be there for anyhwere between 1-3 months before it decides to emerge and when it does it is so big, painful and red and will take another 1-2 months just to completley go away! I have no idea what this is from but I never use to get this kind of acne and the regimen, AHA at first sight or anythign else I have read seems to work for it.  Has anyone had issues with these extremely slow emerging and big pimples???


2.  I also noticed the past few years that my skin is very rarley completley clear but way less breakouts in the summer and sometime around Oct/ Nov is when I start to see the real problems with what I mentioned above.  I never use to scar just always deal with the post acne marks but this past winter I had a cluster of those slow developing pimples I was talking about and did not pop them or anything just treated with regimen and AHA and now there are 4 nice size scars  where they were.  Does any else experience this seasonal breakouts worse in the winter months? I always thought it was the other way around.


3.  One of the reasons I also have seemed to stray from the regimen (admittely even when its working) is because how RED and rough my skin looks, and im talking after the early stages like 4-5 months of being on it.  I do want clear skin of course but I hate how red and uncomfortable it always feel applying it even after all that time.  To be honest I love just washing wit the gentle cleanser 2x a day thats when my face is at its most comfoirtbale and normal skin tone but unfortuntely like many of you im sure it never seems to last. 


Sorry I know its kind of long but I really do appreciate anyone's personal experience or advice they could give me on how to just try and get my skin back to normal looking skin.  Thanks again!

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 04:59 PM

When you get cysts like that, there is usually something wrong inside your body, typically hormones.


I hate what benzoyl peroxide did to my skin, and eventually gave it up because


1. It didn't clear me 100%, not even close

2. I was tired of getting bleach spots all over my clothes, sheets, and towels

3. It made my skin look rough, red, and raw

4. It does not have the power to even touch cystic acne

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 11:00 PM

I have the same exact problem! Around 23 in the months between November- January is when I started noticing breakouts around my jawline... Like irritated mosquito bites... Then boom out of nowhere it's like the acne/pimples multiplied all over my face.. Mostly my cheeks.. Jawline and forehead. Idk if it was from me being a noob at wearing makeup and not cleansing thoroughly or using the wrong type of makeup for my face, or if I was destined to suffer from adult acne. Either way I have tried so many products... Spent hundreds of dollars on expensive products including Clinique, Proactiv, Murad, you named it I've probably tried it. It's started to control my life and I'm sick of it. I stopped usinf Proactiv once my face was no longer "bumpy" but I still suffered from redness.... I just got sick of dealing with a bunch different medicines and wanted to see if my skin could heal on its on... My acne returned twofold.... Currently I am trying the more organic method like using sensitive bar soaps and oils... I'm 25 now and still am struggling....

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