retinoids Differin Regimen Not Working. Next Step?

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I used .025 retin a, clindamycin, doxy, and bpo last year but my face was very irritated (although 70% clear).

My derm switched me to .1 differin, clindamycin, doxy, and bpo this year. It's been 6-7 months and i am still breaking out constantly, although I'm only irritated when I use bpo too often.

I want to switch something up, this regimen hasn't been enough to clear my skin, but I'm scared to switch to tretinoin as I have fairly sensitive skin. These are the options I'm considering:

1) Am: Azelaic Acid (never tried it)
Pm: Differin

2: Am: Clenia (didn't use it for that long when I tried it, made skin feel smooth)
Pm: Differin

3: Am: ???
Pm: Differin

4: Am: ???
Pm: tretinoin

Any suggestions on what could be effective and isn't too irritating would be great. With doxy, clindamycin, and bpo my skin must be pretty bacteria free and it still breaks out, so I'd like to try something less focused on bacteria.

Also, I can't take accurate, and all of my acne is on my chin / lower cheeks.
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One more option:

I've used differin .3 in the past and it was too irritating, but it was alongside duac. Maybe differin .3 in the pm and just cleanser in the AM?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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