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Severe Acne

Lemon Detox!

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 06:27 PM

Hello all,


I wanted to share with you something that has finally decided to get me back on the forum after many years. It's quite simple - lemons!


I like to experiment with lots of things in life, and as an attempt at a part body detoxifyer, I decided to start squeezing two small supermarket lemons, and drinking this juice at the end of the day, before I go to bed. 


As you're probably aware, lemons are notorious for being strong, acidic, and a cleanser etc etc. A google search will give you a full overview of how powerful they are, especially also as a natural household cleaner. They're also supposed to be excellent for your digestive system, and in particular I believe help break down fats from the food you've eaten through the day.


It wasn't intended, but a few days after I started drinking the lemon juice (including pips infact), I noticed my skin being massively less oily and developing a really healthy vibrant glow. Even now, at the end of an 18 hour day, I can run my finger across my nose, and there is a distinct lack of greasy oil that I have always been plagued with.


I've had periods on an off with the lemons. I've had a recent week off with them, and sure enough (especially with my mixed healthy and junk food diet) I started getting some nasty deep down cystic acne result in some big read swollen bumps coming up - in my lip and at the side of my nose. I am positive of two things. This was no coincidence, that the same type of acne suddenly started to show up in several places after several months of no acne when taking the lemon juice. And also that it is a direct link to some of the junk food I'm putting inside myself, such as sweets and fatty potatoe chips. And despite everything I've read, and been told over the years, I do believe there is a direct link between the cystic acne I've had, and the bad food I've eaten. Anyway... with the sudden bout of two bad spots, I started taking the lemons again. And it took a few days for the power of the lemons to build up in my system (I guess there was a fair bit to clean up) but then I quickly noticed that not only did I wake up each morning and the spots were stopped in their tracks, but that the bumps were going *down*. Fading away! Instead of lingering, and regenerating with new inner content... you know what I mean. I would honestly liken it to putting weed killer on weeds. It stops them growing dead in their tracks, and they shrivel up and die. From within, not from the outside.


So, even if you don't have cystic acne, but for whatever you do have, or how severe it is - I would strongly recommend giving the lemon detox a try for 1 to 2 weeks. I've just used them on and off for 6 months, and see a *very clear* difference during periods with them and without. My advice would be also to take them as your last meal/drink of the day, about 15 mins before you brush your teeth and go to sleep. That way the juice has hours to work its way through your digestive system, and clean up your body where it can. As a first attempt, I wouldn't resort to anything less than 2 small lemons, freshly squeezed.  (better than bought lemon juice - though you could also try that later if the first works. Just make sure it isn't "juice from concentrate". Would need to be 100% pure).  The cost and time is minimal.  I would also recommend kindof chucking the juice back, with your head tilted back more than normal. This helps avoid getting lemon juice on your teeth, as yes, its highly acidic - and prolonged contact may cause damage to your enamel. (testimony for its more positive power to cut through the crap it encounters in your body) However, I spoke with my dentist about this, and he said as long as the contact is only for a few seconds, and that you do wash you mouth out afterwards (I just use a good cup of water) then this residue won't be a problem. If it wasn't for that (due to my love of sour things anyway) I'd be very happy to eat the two lemons raw. Either way, for you, it'll only take 5 seconds to knock the juice back. You'll probably generate about 200ml from 2 lemons at a guess.


I'd love to hear how your skin woes go over the 7 days which follow this if you decide to give it a try. Because I would love to see that it helps you as much as I know it helps me. And I wish I'd know about this more than a decade ago when I was a teenager. I can sense that its doing a natural version of what the Accutane was doing when I was on that. Better yet, you can try this without changing anything else in your regime. 


Good luck - I'll keep an eye out for what I hope is a great success story for all smile.png)


edit: Forgot to mention, I deliberately don't dilute the squeezed juice, and recommend you don't either, until you've proved it either does or doesn't work miracles for you. (I wanted it to work to its full force)

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Posted 01 September 2013 - 12:11 AM

Isnt it really sour ??? I tried juice of half a lemon ( freshly squeezed ) with honey one tsp and water.But I gave up on it cuz I found the taste weird.

I guess I can give it another go .. this time without the water and a little more honey. :D

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Posted 02 September 2013 - 12:45 PM

I never stay consistent with it!!! I'm always afraid I'm screwing with my enamel! Maybe if I take it like a shot? Haha


Have you tried apple cider vinegar? It does the same thing, and is better at balancing the pH in your body... but it also must taste like you know what.

I'm going to give it another whirl! Hell, why not?? I use the stuff in the bottles though, do you think it makes a huge difference to use fresh lemons? Maybe I'm just being lazy lol

x x Stephanie

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 08:17 PM

Ima try this. I used to have at least one cup of tea with a slice of lemon or some lemon juice (squeezed) last year and I had spotless skin but I stopped doing that after summer

I'll be back in a weeks time. Its my third day on drinking lemon juice

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Posted 25 May 2015 - 03:51 AM

I am starting this today :)

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