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The Things I've Tried

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Hey guys and gals !

just thought this would be funny to think back on the things i've tried that had little to no success or made things worse... some where applied topically, or orally or both.

  1. Doxycycline

  2. tetracycline

  3. Clindamycin topical

  4. another anti bitotic- one i cant remember the name of

  5. vit A

  6. multi vitamin

  7. biotin

  8. zinc

  9. B5

  10. No dairy

  11. No bread

  12. No sugar (only natural sugars from fruit)

  13. fruit

  14. sudocrem

  15. savalon

  16. vaseline

  17. emu oil

  18. bio oil

  19. olive oil

  20. milk mask

  21. milk and honey mask

  22. oat mask

  23. skinoren

  24. differin

  25. BHA

  26. AHA

  27. Scrubs

  28. Water

  29. Witch hazel

  30. toothpaste

  31. natural tablets

  32. not washing

  33. not shaving

  34. cod liver oil

  35. NAC

  36. Green tea

  37. red tea

  38. manuka tea

  39. no alcohol

  40. aloe vera gel

  41. BP

  42. Manuka moisturiser

  43. Garnier moisturiser

  44. Paula's choice moisturiser

  45. Bull dog moisturiser

  46. Nivea Moisturiser

  47. urine - yes urine (topically)

  48. MSM

  49. Mandelic acid

  50. Neautragena bha wash

  51. clean and clear face exfoliator

  52. soap and glory nose scrub

  53. creatine

  54. soap

  55. rock salt

  56. sugar

  57. lemon juice

  58. dead sea soap

  59. fruit smoothies

  60. tcp

and probably some more I cant think of right now.

yep its fair to say I am a veteran when it comes to having tried it all. now 26 y/o and still break out. oh joy!

tbh i've given up lol just got to get on with life.


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Since you are male, you can't take hormonal treatments, but it sounds like the only thing you haven't tried is Accutane, whose likelihood of clearing you is >90% according to this table:

(Click to enlarge)
Here are the standard indications for the use of Accutane:

(Click to enlarge)

Good luck


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I know you've tried Bp, but have you tried dans Bp and according to his guidelines. I'm 31 and like you had tried everything with no lasting success. This included Bp. However, I recently tried dans Bp and regimen and have been amazed. I am almost clear right now other than one or two active spots and leftover red spots. I sorta tracked my progress in a forum "pleasantly surprised...." (I forget the entire title). I am not sure what it is, but something about how protocol has been successful for me.

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yes it would appear accutane is the final thing for me then, which is really frustrating.... because I am scared of that drug tbh.. the side effects, how it changes your skin thickness, hair loss, depression, dry eyes, the list goes on.. plus i'm not exactly 'depressed' in the traditional sense, but never 'happy'! you know?

mdp - not tried it no, BP burns my skin and I hate how it changes the texture making it scaly and dry, almost exacerbates dull red marks

I am thinking of trying the paleolithic diet and seeing where I stand, in conjunction with AHA aqua glycolic face cleanser..

has anyone heard of the food hospital in the uk?

its basically all about how changing diets can heal serious illnesses.

I am almost fully convinced it was anti biotics that screwed my internal system up over the long term.

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