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Cornstarch For Oily Skin?, Differin Update

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 06:06 PM

Ok so if you have read my previous post, you should know my skin is super duper crazy unbelievably oily now that im using differin. And i thought my skin was already as oily as it can be before differin, ha. Well ive seen vids about using cornstarch for oily skin. I started mixing cornstarch in with my moisturizer. I have been doing this for 2 weeks. The moisturizer that im now using is cetaphil derma control oil control spf 30, btw it does not work for oil control.. So i mix cornstarch and my moisturizer and apply it to my face. It leaves a matte finish, but i feel my skin is still oily, even if it doesnt look like it. Like, if i blot instantly after my moisturizer, the tissue paper that i use to blot will show that my skin is super oily. And i know that its the moisturizer, obv, but before differin i feel like my moisturizers would not leave an oily residue. They dont sink into my skin anymore, they just sit on it, and make it appear and feel super duper crazy oily and sticky and ugh. Well the cornstarch helps but it DEFINITELY doesnt keep my shine free, but it seems to prolong the time it takes for me to become unbearably oily to the point where i feel i need to wash my face in the middle of the day. And since i go to school, i dont have time to do that, nor would i anyways bc it draws attention to my face. I also dont, and wont, blot at school for the same reason. But shoot, for me my skin looks like i slathered oil on it by midday, around 11 oclock, even with the cornstarch. When i apply the moisturizer/cornstarch mix, my face become red (as if it wasnt already, ha) and burns but its not painful, just uncomfortable. Shortly, the redness and burning subside. So i want to know if its okay to use cornstarch on my face, will it make me breakout or clog pores? I can't imagine not using it anymore, just the thought of how oily my skin was before.. ugh *cringe* I think the main prob is the moisturizer not absorbing, thats why its so oily. But i have to use moisturizer bc of the sunscreen. I have so much bad scarring, i wouldnt ever go out without spf. If it werent for that, i wouldnt even wear moisturizer. I know ppl say oily skin needs moisturizer too to balance it out, but i disagree. My skin always feels oilier with moisturizer than without. Since using the cornstarch, i have broken out but idk if its from that since my skin is always breaking out anyways. 


So for the update, I surprisingly like differin. If it wasnt for the fact that it makes my skin unbearably oily and doesnt prevent new blemishes, i would love it. btw im still taking amoxycillin. So i apply the differin cream at night and even though it has a nasty greasy consistency, i have to live with it bc i know in the morning, the spots will be dried out. It significantly reduces the size of the blemishes, ive found. The thing that sucks is that it doesnt prevent new ones, or at least for me it hasnt. Im still breaking out regularly, but they just go away faster. And as if the scars that already ruin my face arent enough, i notice they are still accumulating even though i dont pop. I'm thinking about buying some tumeric and using a mask of it. Has anyone had any results with tumeric, what were ur experiences with it like? I am currently breaking out pretty badly, but im not sure why. About a week and a half ago, i switched from using grisi sulfur soap to cetaphil normal to oily skin. I am going to switch back to the sulfur soap and see if it helps. 


Feel free to ask me any questions (:



Am - Wash face. Previously using cetaphil normal to oily skin, but now im going to use grisi sulur soap. Take amoxycillin pill, apply cornstarch mixed with cetaphil derma control oil control spf 30 moisturizer.


PM- Wash face with grisi sulfur soap, take amoxycillin pill, apply differin.


ps, do u know any good moisturizers for oily skin with spf, preferably spf 30 or higher but spf 15 is ok too.

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 07:10 PM

For oily skin you should use a gel moisturizer. Bad thing is they dont contain spf.

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