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After Accutane= Acne Returning?

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 09:23 AM

Hi Guys. So I was on Accutane for 6 months, and about 3-4 months after coming off it my skin is now back to be really oily and I'm now getting loads of under the skin spots, and whiteheads, it's really getting me down, as when I was on Accutane it really worked and I had smooth skin, but now the bumpy textures come back, as well as my super oily skin! This is so frustrating as the doctors said this wouldn't happen, did this happen to anyone else?!

If anyone else has had a similar experience please reply! If so what did you do about it?

I think I might go back to my doctor, and try antibiotics, because I don't think they'll put me back on a 2nd course of Accutane.

Help guys! 

Thanks xx 

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 10:00 AM

Same thing happened to me. I would get on some kind of topical right away so it doesnt turn bad. I waited to long and now Im on my second course.

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 10:16 AM

What was your dosage and how much do you weight?

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 10:36 AM

and instead of a full dose look up low dose benefits, do your research and go back to the doctor informed with the path you'd like to take

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 04:33 PM

Unfortunately, your Derm did not prescribe you a maintenance therapy after Accutane, ideally a topical retinoid.
If you are female then hormonal treatments (such as spironolactone) might be better than antibiotics for you at this stage, because some hormonal treatments can reduce oil production as well as acne.
Good luck

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#6 Chrissy Cambell

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 06:51 AM

I am going to start accutane in a few weeks, the first time I used it it cleared my acne but sides were harsh. Sports returned, white heads but this never bothered me, they are just wee spots that go away, of course we know ACNE is a different story!


My acne returned 4 - 5 years later and has never went away so I am back on the accutane.


First time I used accutane, my diet was shit, I drank heavily and I am pretty sure I missed a month of treatment in the middle of it and I was never reccomended to use anything on my face post treatement.


What should be used post treatement? I keep hearing retina-A but I am not sure what it is? What is the most effective.


Do you think I am right to use accutane again? I have posted a picture in a thread I made in this part of the forum, check it out.


My skin is ultra oily! Espically after I eat, my skin gets very very oily and starts to itch, before I know it I am coming out in cysts.

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