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After Accutane- Overheating Problem- Please Help.

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Hi everyone, back in november 21, 2012 i got off accutane. Since then i have never had one day go by without me sweating and feeling SUPER HOT, if theres one thign i hate more than anythign its sweating, it ruins my clothes, makes it uncomfortable to drive and random burst of hotness through out my whole body. What can i do about this over heating its driving me insane, i cant stop sweating :(.

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I think some people call this "flushing".

Similar situation with me.

I often feel as if I'm overheating since taking Accutane, but I sweat much less than I did before taking the drug and don't turn red when it happens.

It's uncomfortable if nothing else.

There doesn't seem to be much that can be done about it except to report the side effect and try to stay cool.

Don't be part of the problem!
Report your side effects through the following links:

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