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Hello everyone,

almost 3 weeks ago I was prescribed a generic version of ortho-tri-cyclen by my doctor called Tri-lin-yah. The main thing I want to bring up is how suddenly dry my skin is. Not just my face but my whole body. Not only that but I feel extremely dehydrated overall and my lips feel very dry along with my contacts/eyes. My face is getting so dry to the point that makeup looks weird when I'm trying to cover up my skin, which is broken out pretty bad, so it's upsetting. I was wondering if anyone else had this side effect and how long it lasted? Also, how long did your initial breakout last? I keep feeling like mine is possibly clearing up and then I'll get more small pimples in places I never used to break out before (especially my hairline and forehead/cheeks) that make me think otherwise. Most of the new pimples I have gotten are tiny but I have about 4 big ones on my cheek. I have a big family get together in about 4 days and I'm hoping that since I'm almost on my third week my face might start to clear.


Thanks so much.

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i got an intitial breakout on the third week of my first packet then it all cleared up! i heard monophasic pills are better at controlling acne than triphasic pills.

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