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Ok people so I am tired of dealing with moderately bad acne at age 21. Its time to get down to the bottom of this and fix this as best I can. I can live with a few blemishes, but I hate that its mostly all over my face and I think I have a regimen/diet change that will work for me.


Acne history: Started in grade 9 breaking out all around my face. I tried proactive in grade 10 and it worked well for a while(except my face was super shiny, ew) but then its as if my skin became immune to it. I tried accutane and it was starting to work but I was becoming very suicidal on it and other side effects so I obviously stopped that. Also one time I cut out milk/dairy and drank a lot of water for a while and my skin was looking the best it had since the proactive experiment, this was about 2 years ago.


What I am trying now: Ok for products my regimen will be; In the morning cleanse with purple bottle spectro jel acne prone skin cleanser, and follow up with the purple spectro jel mousturizer. In the evening I will again cleanse with spectro jel and then apply clindoxyl gel(doctor prescibed). I have liked the spectro brand cleansers in the past they seemed to help but not clear up everything, and I am hopefull that the clindoxyl gel will make the results better. For diet I am going to cut out dairy almost completely(might have ice cream now and again-sometimes cheese as well) and start mostly drinking water. Along with this I will avoid gluten as best I can but will still eat it(I eat bread way to much right now) and just stop eating junk food in general except on occasion. Unforunately, I am addicted to tobacco at the moment but have been cutting down and trust me I do plan to quit I know this will help my skin and health in general. No need for lectures here lol.. I am confident that with these products and diet changes and kicking the nasty smoking habit I will get rid of most of my acne at the least, maybe even be completely clear but Im not setting the bar that high right now.


Tomorrow will be day 1 starting the products and diet changes, below is a picture from today. Hoping for some good results here!



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