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My Skin Is Now Perfect... Thanks To Paula's Choice

adult acne hormonal acne

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 01:47 PM

I am 29 years old and went through a horrible bought of hormonal acne due to a miscarriage. The doctor put me on Retin-A which tore my skin up.... I went from having a few cystic pimples to acne everywhere. I stuck it out just like he suggested for 9 months and saw no improvement.


Then I found Paula's Choice.*Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules* You can only order it online but it is reasonably priced and most importantly... it works.


I have to say, I don't have overly oily skin... in fact, I very much have combination skin- oily and dry in areas but definitely acne prone. So if you have oily skin- you might want to try the Clear cleanser- its great! But it is a little drying for me. And there is also a 5% benzol peroxide clearing lotion if you need something stronger.


This is my Paula's Choice regemin:


Wash with the Skin Balancing cleanser

Apply BHA 2% gel/liquid

Apply 2.5 Benzol Peroxide skin clearning lotion

Apply Ultra Light Resist Antioxidant Serum

Apply Hydralight Moisturizer



Wash with the Skin Balancing cleanser

Apply 8% AHA gel

Apply BHA 2% gel/liquid

Apply 2.5 Benzol Peroxide skin clearning lotion

Apply Ultra Light Resist Antioxidant Serum

Apply Resist Skin Clearing lotion


My skin looks better now than it did at 22 when I had no acne. this system not only heals the acne, it heals your skin. My skin is bright looking, my fine lines have almost disappeared... and there is no worrying about waking up with a blemish in the morning. I have perfectly clear skin.


In fact, my four year old walked in the other morning and was all disppointed because I had already done my makeup for the day and she wanted to watch... but I hadn't! haha What a great feeling!


I do have to say though.... it takes time. You have to be committed to doing it every single day, twice a day, without fail. I'm a Mom so I am really busy. Usually I will wash my face and put the BHA gel on there. Go do something else while it dries, come back and do the next step... and so on... you have to make time for yourself. And you have to stick with it for at least 6 weeks. I noticed major improvements in 2 weeks time. Now 6 months later... I have my cure. And I want to let as many people know what worked for me so they don't have to struggle with acne the way I did.

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 06:17 AM

thanks for the post. i've just ordered a load of samples from PC - 


i was recommended the following (and ordered the following samples > 



  1. Cleanse with - Moisture boost one step face cleaner 
  2. Tone - Skin balancing pore reducing toner (this was out of stock so i ordered a sample of Hydralight healthy skin refreshing toner
  3. As an option depending on my skin and how it behaves - BHA 2% Gel 
  4. Sunscreen - Hydralight Shine free daily mineral complex spf 15 

i notice that you dont use an SPF nor a toner? 




  1. Cleanse with - Moisture boost one step face cleaner 
  2. BHA 2%Gel 
  3. optional treatment product - resist anti ageing clear skin hydrator 
  4. Hydralight moisture infusing lotion


so, i also have the 8%AHA gel and the 10% resist AHA and the 5% resist AHA. would like to incorporate one of those in there somewhere as well 



sooo confusing. help

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My Regimen.. accutane


If anyone cares to read this and I manage to stop 1 person to avoid going on Accutane, then its served its purpose. 

PM me if you'd like to chat. ACNE is ENTIRELY curable through natural ways. Please don't feel pushed or pressured or helpless that you think you must resort to this drug. 


I'm not a crazy natural person (nut job lol) just a 27 year old guy who has been through it all and can offer genuinely good advice.  You can see by my profile how long i've been around this forum. 

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