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mild to moderate acne Painful Pump How To Get Rid

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I am 26 Years old Asian 


usually in the summer my skin is good but when I eat poorly, don't sleep, or binge drink I breakout and get painful cysts


on my right there are two scabs a few red marks by my scalp 



But the main concern in the red bump on my left side.  When it first appeared it was tender, red, and didn't have a head.  I continued to not touch it or do anything for 3-4 days and finally I tried popping it.  At first nothing came out, but suddenly I felt a pop a small string of built up sebum and liquid came out.  After a day the bump is still there and a little tender but red.  


Any suggestions on how to get rid of the bump, reduce redness, or such


sorry for the bad closeups 




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