Can We Use Salicylic Acid Face Wash(Foaming Washes) In Winter Season Too(When The Temperature Is Something From 7-8 To 15 Degrees)?

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the heading says it all.

with winter coming this has come in my mind(and also a few others i know!).

so what do u guys think?


the temperature here is something around 14-15 to even 6-7 degree centigrade during winter months.

it's not just warm like many countries,neither do we get snowfall or anything that cold.

but i've still skeptical as to whether or a SA wash is okay for winters.


please note : moisturising with a light or heavy(as per need) moisturiser will be a must(or as necessary from time to time),also there's no toning done(in my case, i never really had/have a toning regimen)




last winter i was on accutane ,i used a moisturising cleansing lotion.

this year i am unsure if i should re-buy it or just keep using my usual MILD SA foaming wash 1% (pH balanced)



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anybody using SA wash?

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