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Hey, yesterday I was prescribed Duac once daily gel for my mild to severe acne by my GP. Now I am VERY HAPPY about receiving this because I've read amazing reviews regarding Duac!...
I am aware that there will be side effects such as excessive drying which I am kind of worried about considering I useto overuse pure diluted Tea tree oil that has caused MAJOR drying !!... Than there will possibly be itching and redness which I'm not a stranger to considering I also suffer from Eczema....

Okay enough about all that... My hesitation about this treatment is about a moisturizer I was also prescribed to combat all these side effects which is called Doublebase Gel.
I've read online that isopropyl myristate has been reported to cause pore blocking problems, but I also read that this is false....

Now Doublebase gel is very good for Eczema... But I don't have any on my face so my immediate concern is my acne. Will this aggravate my skin and cause larger flare ups ? Or will it help ? Has anyone used this for the same reason I was prescribed it ?

I was told to use the Duac at night and the Doublebase gel in the mornings....

Thanks !

P.S First time on here so forgive my ignorance, fumbling or anything ....uh..... Incorrect ?..... Edited by GoshDammit

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