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Hello I am 20 year old male experiencing very mild acne. I have about 4 active pimples most of the time, although they are the deep red ones that turn red and lurk forever on my skin. I also have an obsession with picking my skin, which in turn makes it worse. 


My derm prescribed me Ziana gel ( Clindymycin/ Tretinoin). I have used Green cream level 9 in the past, so irritation is not really a problem as my skin is used to retinol.  


It has been 1 week and 4 days since i have been using ziana and I am breaking out with hard little pimples, and some deep ones on my forehead. Also healing pimples are taking slightly longer to heal, is this to due to the shedding of the skin caused by tretinoin? 


further I have a few more questions is :


How long does the Initial breakout last ? 


My acne is worse than before is that normal? 


When will i see positive results ? 


can there be Resistance to the antibiotic ? 


Lastly will these be a long term treatment, and if continued eliminate pimples and acne all together?



Your answer would be greatly appreciated ! 





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Acne will always get worse before it gets better when using retinoids. Ziana is a good product and I think you should see some results from it.

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