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I'm not even quite sure what "type" of scarring i have, and yes i still have some active acne here and there.


but what would you suggest i do to get rid of the scarring?

there are just so many choices and i'm not sure what would be best for me, and the kinda scarring i have.





or chemical pill?


please comment/ help xx

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This appears to be rolling and boxscar types but its difficult to tell at this point.

First you should deal with the active redness, and acne. The redness can lead to deeper scars if not treated so it is best to minimize any further damage at this point. The indented scars will slightly look less noticeable when the inflammation is gone, and you can deal with the indents afterwards.

For at-home treatments to reducing hyper pigmentation, you should look into aha or alpha hydroxy acids. The one from dan's aha has good reviews. You can also look into regimen... A lot of good reviews on how faces cleared up looking bright and smooth, when used with aha. The kit can be bought on amazon.

A chemical peel will only help with discoloration. You can do a mild peel at home with over the counter products, or go with a doctor for more stronger peels. The ipl laser and v-beam laser can also get results for removing redness and discoloration only - not for indented scars. These lasers have no down time.

Subscision is effective for rolling scars. I would look into this one.

As for lasers for treating indented scars, you need to look into that yourself because there's just too many lasers coming out and there's mixed reviews on that. Some people have had disasterous results, while some had improvement.

I'm not too sure about derma rolling, as you mentioned.

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