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First post on here, kinda hesitant, but I thought it could be positive encouragement to stop picking at my face knowing that the world can see this. But anyways, so I've been using EpiDuo for months now, nothing to complain about except I consistently picked at my face, making the situation worse. However, I wouldn't say I have (or ever had) severe acne. I'd say it's moderate, with at least two active spots daily. Now, I'm switching to Retin-A Micro, since I've had a tube laying around and my mom refuses to refill my current EpiDuo prescription (40 dollars a month is pretty hefty, especially since I don't currently have a job to support my acne fix). I'm a little hesitant because I'm concerned about the initial breakout that occurs with all retinoid prescriptions. Well, tonight is the first night of Retin-A, so I will keep you updated. Right now, there are a few spots on my face, it's mostly redness and dryness (my face seems to always be dry, yet incredibly oily). I currently use Clinique's acne system (with the gel moisturizer instead of the acne lotion). Hopefully there won't be an initial breakout because I was hoping to hang out with my friend this week, so fingers crossed.

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