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How To Heal Acne With Stomach Meditation!

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Hello :)

From what I have come to determine, acne originates from a digestive issue.

The solution to this is stomach meditation. The technique is simple: place your awareness at the top of your stomach in the center of your body - in the area of your solar plexus. Simply feel this area inside the center of your body :) no visualization is required. You can lie down or sit up straight - as long as your spine is straight. Relax deeply and just feel this area at the tip top of your stomach :)

For healing red marks or acne scars, focus in the RED region - the anal opening. Simply feel at this point to activate the rectum (blood) center and heal your skin.

Remember, all of your dreams in life are inside your body! All the healing you need comes from your body!

And I recommend stopping those damaging modern acne products hehe...very bad for you!

Enjoy! :)

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