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Severe Acne

Acne And Excessive Body Hair

acne excessive body hair

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 04:30 PM

Hey Irma,it's kind of late reply but,  I have a possible solution.

I have battled with really terrible acne before when i was about 14/15, it has cleared now.

I went to a beauty salon and had a glycolic acid peel, followed by some microdermabrasion facials (i now get like 2 of these a year), these were basically facials that removed/exfoliated the top layer of skin (which is also great for removing marks, and was painless), I reacted really well to it, there was hardly any redness or discomfort. Then i tried to use products from the dermalogica brand, but they're kind of pricey so after my first batch ran out I started using over the counter stuff, which has been doing fine in keeping the acne away now.

Also, the excessive body hairs, I started getting really thick hairs on my chest area and my stomach after i stopped taking hair growing supplements. I tried shaving but then it got worse and then I tried plucking and that gives me a lot of ingrown hairs. But recently I have been using a skin serum called Inhibitif and its supposed to reduce hair growth and thickness. I cannot swear by it just yet but so far I have already noticed that the hair on the areas that i apply has actually started to grow thinner. Some people notice results after like 3 weeks but I think it took more like 6 weeks for me to start seeing some improvements really, but it's a big bottle which cost £30/$60 but that's way better than the price for laser hair removal.

Hope this helps,

If you want to know more just let me know :)

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