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I am currently living in South Korea, and am seeing a dermatologist here. I started isotretinoin about two months ago at 20mg doses. Today I went into the dermatologist and he told me that accutane cannot help me alone, and i should get CO2 laser therapy and some other type of blue light treatment. For some reason, this doesnt sound right.

My acne is horrible at them moment, worse than it has ever been. Its painful and depressing. But I wouldnt say its so severe that I cant be helped. What is your opinion? And should I be doing these other expensive treatments as well? Did any of you also do this while on Accutane?

Oh and he told me accutane couldnt help me at all. He purposefully put me on low dose ao he could do these other treatments. Also, Ive heard this is the best treatment for me by another dermatologist out here, while seeking a second opinion. What do you think?

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Accutane takes month to work; you have to give it 4-6 months before assessing results:



It is wise to get opinions from multiple Dermatologists. It is true that Accutane has the best success rate for severe acne. I wouldn't try those other harsh treatments (laser therapy etc.) while on Accutane, but perhaps after Accutane if it fails.



Good luck

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