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-Pics- What Is This? Please Help. Very Depressed.

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if someone could please help me, that'd be great.

i've been suffering with acne for about 3 years.

i used to dan's regimin for about 2 years and i'm not even sure if anything happened.

i've been using lemon juice on my face, eating a lot of cabages, and even putting vitamin E on my face.

hopefully that's all normal to do.

so could someone possibly clarify what kind of acne i have? or is it a scar? i'm just not sure. and if any of you guys know how to actually cure it, that'd be such a blessing. Thank you! ]: ]: i'm about to start senior year.


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To me it looks like you had mild acne with a lot of Hyperpigmentaion and some noticeable scarring. What are you using to fight your acne now? Like a products is it BP or SA or tee tree oil are on you antibiotics or anything. We can help you with a plan if you let us know what you are currently doing and what's your done in the past :)

The good news though your acne looks mild so easy to treat. And you have quite a bit if Hyperpigmentaion which will fade in time if you give It the correct environment to fade that is.

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Thanks for being so nice! Haha.

In the past, i used clean and clear products back when i had not too crazy acne, i also used acne free severe kit, and i think ever since then, i've been using the 3 set kit from DAN's regimin of the cleanser, BP, and moisterizor. i also have been using the AHA treatment by the store.

i've currently been washing my face with the cleanser once in the morning, once early in the afternoon, and again before i go to sleep.

after i cleanse my face in the morning, i usually put on the AHA because i'm lazy and i think of it as a moisturiser AND treatment (i'm prob wrong). basically.. it really is random between me using treatment/moisterioser and AHA. i've been using AHA constantly in the past, but i didn't really notice a difference.

most recently, every night, i've been putting on a face mask that consists of LEMON, CABBAGE, and HONEY. (all blended of course). i was hoping that would work. but although it feels slightely good, i didn't notice anything different.

from there, every night after washing my face, i dab some lemon on my face, and then apply vitamin E over night.

idk if this is bad, but sometimes i would dab a little bit of treatment over the vitamin E on the very noticable pimples.

i leave it on over night (is that bad?) and wash it off right when i wake up.

sorry if this is a lot of reading. i'm new to this. ><

i also take vitamin E by mouth.

i want to go to a dermotologist, but i feel like it'll be a waste of money..

i went to one before and they just gave me a cleanser that did nothing. bummer.

but yeah. so currently :

cleanser --> AHA or treatment/moisturize --> then right before i go to bed i do the LEMON ---> vitamin E.

^ all at night.

morning is just ---> cleanser --> AHA.

afternoon ---> cleanser ---> treatment/moisturizer or AHA.

sorry if this was confusing.

i just really need help. and i feel like this forumn has a lot of friendly people that are willing to help.

i feel so blessed. Thank you.

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Well ou need a products that fights acne. Like BP or SA or tea tree pilot go to a derm and they can give you a antibioc cleanser called clindamycin . Which would help you and the Aha would be good to use. BHA is better used for people who have active acne like you. Aha is meant for when you are mostly or completely clear. What are you using the lemon for? To lighten marks..

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so antibioc cleanser called clindamycin is my best option for now?

isn't the regimin come with a BP? the treatment? that's what i'm using too. thanks.

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