Accutane Initial Breakout Questions--What Should I Expect?

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Hey everyone!


I start Accutane next Wednesday and i'm pretty nervous. I am really hoping that I don't have an initial breakout due to the Accutane, but I know I need to prepare for the worst and expect the best. I have moderate persistent acne, but I've been using a skin care regimen (topical antibiotic, oral antibiotic, topical retinoid, and benzoyl peroxide face wash) that has cleared out most of my blackheads and clogged pores. I am hoping this lowers my chance of a bad initial breakout.


What did you experience for an IB?

Was it bad? What was your dose? Was the acne easy to cover up with makeup, or was it difficult with the dry skin? 


Please comment with advice! I need all the answers I can get!

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you sound just like me- i am starting my third month tomorrow (uhh around there). and i had not cystic acne to begin with i just had small ones that would be meaner than shit. red and urgh + plus i had rosacea (curse my irish blood)- i take that back i love being pale. anyways about errr 2 week i broke out more than usual and it stopped a bit after i started month two (on and off) it wasnt full blown but i was pretty shocked. well being a girl i though "ah well i can just cover this, and call it a day!" oh no- the words from my mouth didnt do the trick. Problem is during this initial breakout, the users skin is very dry as well making coverup look not so hot. so a trick from me- you may have to find a new brand of coverup to suit your dry skin. so if you do wear makeup here are some tips (use a foundation suitable for dry skin- i use Nars sheer glow- but also heard loreal dream lumi (in the pump) works very well also as a budget buy) also if you think applying your makeup with a brush will work- it wont because the tugging at your skin will make your skin like a flake monster so i recc buying those bag of throw away (latex free) makeup sponges from target or wherever- put it under the fauset in warm water and wring out the water and apply coverup in a stipple motion. 


Now that was me talking about makeup- but for a good makeup finish- a good skincare routine is needed. Personally it makes me sad to see others who can use anything on the shelf, apply it to their face or body and not breakout from it.- curse them. But for us lucky few, its gets much more boring. Everyones skin is different so my recc's of products are from my opinion alone. anyways getting back to skincare- hot damn this post is long(thats what she said)- skincare, go back to basics- my derm reccs anything and everything from the CeraVe line- i hate Cetaphil because it feels oily. But heres what i use (cleanser- CeraVe foaming cleanser(apply to hands and lather before applyed to face) after i pat dry my face with a clean paper towel because im allergic to detergents and i cant use fabric towels like a normal person. After i dry my face i apply CeraVe Cream moisturizer in the tub (this saved my from the dry skin) and after i put on bag balm lip stuff (okay it isnt lip stuff - its for cows but i assure you its widely recognized on this website as a holy grail for those on accutane. Also go easy on hot showers take cool ones. uhmm yea. if you need anything else just let me know! :) good luck p.s your doc might have other things in mind to treat your skin during the process- the products listed above are various items that have worked well for me. 

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