How To Steam Your Face?

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I've read some good and bad reviews on facial steaming, nevertheless I'm willing to try. I was wondering if I have to cleanse my face BEFORE or AFTER the steam part. I have seen people say it's both ways but if you steam first and then cleanse, won't all the makeup, oil, bacteria and impurities lying on your skin go INTO the skin? won't that ruin the whole point of facial steaming which is to rid the skin of oil and impurities in the pores? 
also, suppose you cleanse and then steam. Some people say to wash your face with cold water to close the pores. Won't the oil and impurities that come out just lay on your skin? But if you cleanse again to rid them, it will dry out your skin. 


Please tell me the correct method in steps. 
Thank you!rolleyes.gif

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