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Unknown Facial Redness - Please Help

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Hi everyone...first time here. I want to know if anyone happens to know why my face is so red. Both pictures are in natural lighting (outside with a bit of sun). Looks quite a bit like a sunburn, but it's lasted for the past... as long as I can remember? Yes I wear sunscreen outside. Some symptoms seem incredibly similar to rosacea, my mother will not take me to a dermatologist so I'm relying completely on you guys. It's all over my face, become harder to see at around 5 ft distance. I wash my face 3 times a day, I have to or else I'll break out like crazy. 2 times with a Cetaphil gentle cleanser and 1 time with Aveeno skin brightening scrub or whatever the official name is. I'm 15, had acne for 4 years, I can deal with some of it myself, but this redness I currently have no solution for. Could someone please tell me what I have, or what I can do to fix it? My normal skin colour is a slightly darker off white, no redness. I moisturize after every time I wash my face. Thankyou very much everyone. 



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