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Clogged Pores + Jojoba? Or Something Else?

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as of now i dont get that many pimples or crazy breakouts.

its just like that x10, all over my face. light makes it worse and i dont think makeup helps much because u can see the bumps

that is closed pores right?

i got jojoba oil cause i heard massaging it into your skin could clear up clogged pores? and this mask to try to clear them up too

but after reading some threads im not sure it was the right purchase.

and i thought whiteheads were good because that meant the pores were coming out? is that flawed logic?

i also heard about this for clearing up pores/blackheads/etc? anyone heard of it?

ive been using a honey/lemon mask but i havent seen much of a decrease in the bumps. should i continue and is it too harsh to use daily?

im just at a loss for what to do. i dont think my diet is that wacky and i try to drink a lot of water.

just, GAAAAAH.

thanks for any input T____T

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Yeah, that's pretty much what my forehead looked like a couple months ago. I just went to the doctor and went straight on the hard stuff: topicals. I'm using Tactuo and it does seem to be helping. Before that, did green clay masks, and it seemed to have no affect at all. Another thing to try is AHA lotion. I was using it a bit before going on the medicated topical and it was working, albeit slowly.

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Anyway... You have closed comedones and anything that makes them worse is not helping, trust me. Jojoba oil is actually a wax and can further clog pores. Unless its only left on the skin for a few minutes and washed off.

Baby powder with talcum powder is a bit controversial but it helps cystic acne and closed comedones. How do I know this? Personal experience that's how. Caldesene baby powder with zinc(pink bottle white cap) is what I recommend. A light dusting of this under makeup or before bed could help you. Give it a couple weeks to see results if you decide to use this. If you don't want to use the baby powder I recommend Neutrogena baby SPF ( small pink and white tube) has the same stuff as caldesene without the talc.

Weekly clay masks and exfoliating face wash scrubs will help remove black heads. Drinking at least 1 liter of water a day and 30 mins of light exercise(walking) will help you sweat a little and unclog pores. Always wash your face or take a shower after sweating.

Chemical peels are another option but should be saved as a last resort.

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