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Mild to Moderate Acne

Questions: Redness, Body Acne, Hyper Pigmentation, New Routine, General Advice For Me?

teen hyper pigmentation redness body acne bacne cheeks small bumps forehead pustules

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 08:53 PM

Hey everyone. The last time I made a post was when I said I was going to put the regimen on pause till summer break because the flakiness was really bad, so I thought i would just wait till I won't be out in public often. So i did wait till summer break and I did start it again, but then stopped again because i was lazy and not motivated enough. After I stopped, I still had blemishes but they weren't as many as I had while I was in school. After I gave up on the regimen, I had been using the Clean and Clear foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. it wasnt that great. so one day I was bored an started shopping around on Amazon.com and I saw a sulfur soap by Grisi and I bought it. It didn't make a huge different, but it did help a bit. So as a spot treatment I started using tea tree oil again and Burts Bees and Alba acnedote spot treatments. I think the burts bees helped only slightly, and i hadnt been using the alba one long enough to judge. The tea tree oil didnt really do much, I think my skin got used to it. I forgot to mention that the blemishes I get are hard, red, angry papules that turn to pustules and i have small, annoying bumps on my forehead that will just not go away. So about 4 days ago, i decided to try dans BP again on my problem areas, aka my forehead and cheeks. I only meant to use it as a spot treatment but i ended up putting it on my whole face. The next morning I noticed some of the small bumps on my forehead dried up up, but not completely. And I applied the bp differently than i did in the past. This time, i didnt follow dans instructions to be all slow and SUPER gentle though i wasnt rough. I mean, i WAS gentle just not overly gently and slow. I think thats why i got fed up with his regimen, because u have to be all slow and stuff. but the way i applied it was take a pea size and rub it between my fingers and apply to forehead, and the same with cheeks. Then, the next day after i used BP, i cleaned my room and saw my clarisonic mia 2 that i had bought in 6th grade but abandoned. I decided to  start using it again just because. I am using it with the deep pore brush because that the only one I have that is clean and not used. I want to get the delicate head though. So for the past 3 days, I think my forehead has been clearing up because of the BP and the 2 pustules that I've had are drying out. But now, on the 3rd day I can feel part of my cheeks and my mouth and chin area getting dry. So ive applied jojoba oil to those areas before BP. My forehead is as greasy as a pizza, so i dont think it will dry out. My face has been really red though. I'm pretty sure it's from the BP as well as the clarisonic. But i'd rather have an overall red face than a face covered with active blemishes. But still, i dont want the redness. So do you know any ways to get rid of it? Also, i have been wearing foundation on some days. (like once a week or less) Its the covergirl stay fabulous 3 in 1. Its not full coverage, but i dont want a full coverage, because i wanna keep it a lil natural looking.


A real big problem though is the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. I would say that its worse than the actual acne. If i had no scars, my face wouldnt look that bad. Can u plz give me advice as to how to lighten it. So that's it for my update, i only recently started this new regimen so i dont know if its going to work out or not. Let me know if you have just any general advice. I would really appreciate it.


Alsooooo i have really bad body acne on my back, shoulders, and upper arms. As well as MANY scars. Any tips? I basically lost all hope with my back . I have just been using the suflur soap and i think it helps but the scars are a really big problem..


And do you know any  recipes that are good for acne prone ppl for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks? Thank you all so much.



morning - cleanse with grisi sulfur bar soap(use hands), apply jojoba oil to dry areas (and around eye area to protect, i think i might start using vaseline at night for eye area), apply BP all over but mostly on acne prone places and just smear the excess everywhere else, apply olay sensitive skin moisturizer spf 15 (the one that dan recommends), apply more jojoba oil if need or cetaphil cream.


night - same exact thing except use clarisonic to cleanse and use cetaphil cream instead of olay.


srry that this post is not very professional , and it doesnt all flow in the right order, i am just tired at the moment.


ps again im going to the derm in about a week and im nervous. because the last time he gave my doxyclycine (idk if thats how u spell it) which made me throw up and epiduo which made my entire face so red, it looked like i had a sunburn and it was such a contrast with my body ugh. plus epiduo burned like bloody hell when u apply it. I know this probably sounds so stupid, but i want accutane. I dont think my face is bad enough for it, at its worse i'd say the acne is about moderate. But my face is so damn oily and so is my scalp and also the body acne just.. ugh.. I just feel like it will level out the oil  and ive researched a lot about it and have heard many success stories and i really want it even though i dont think i need it. I feel like if i bring it up to the derm he will just laugh im my face, and i really dont think i"ll get on accutane. and yes i know how hard it is to get on it.

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 11:41 PM

Please do not use vaseline- it's a manmade, petroleum based product that will sit on top of your skin. It contains virtually no vitamins, minerals, or anything of value. You're much better off sticking with the jojoba oil. I would also limit your use of the clarisonic- once a week is plenty. If you're already using BP daily you are just stripping the heck out of your skin, and it's just going to produce more oil because it's trying to return to a balanced state. If anything, you're better off doing less to your skin and letting it be.


For lightening you can use products containing vitamin c, lactic or glycolic acid. You could do an at home mask with yogurt (plain organic) and a few drops of lemon juice.


Add TONS of fresh fruit and veggies to your diet. Drink lots of water when you wake up. Eat healthy proteins like organic eggs, chicken and fish. NO refined foods like white flour or sugar- these will wreak havok on your skin. Limit your dairy intake or avoid it if you can. Make green smoothies with fruit, spinach or kale. Add probiotics to your diet. And don't stress too much! You're a beautiful girl, you're young, and this will pass. It's not forever so don't let it get you down.

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 11:58 PM

Hi there DreamOfSerene,


I know you've tried a lot of options, but there is something out there to clear your skin, you just need to find it. I think it's worth mentioning that effectively treating your acne means doing the best you can to consistently apply your treatment. It's also harsh on your skin to keep on changing products and medications, so if you can pick one routine and stick to it for 6-10 weeks to see if it's working, that's best. 


From reading your post, you have 3 main issues:

  1. Facial redness
  2. Facial acne
  3. Body acne and scarring

It sounds like you have relatively sensitive skin, from your response to the Epiduo and the redness you explain. My first thought is to bail on the clarasonic to get rid of the redness. From my experience and talking to others, those are bad news for acne. They cause a ton of irritation, specifically in the places you need as little as possible. Use your fingertips instead like Dan recommends. And be gentle...you don't need to scrub or rub BPO in. Your skin is a sponge so let it soak up the treatment. 


Since you have facial and body acne, it could be hormonally induced. I'm not sure if you're on birth control, but it may help. 


Regarding dryness, make sure to apply the jojoba oil after you apply the BPO. Mixing the Olay SPF with 4-6 drops of jojoba and then applying it can be very helpful as well.


Regarding prescription medication for your acne, Epiduo could in fact be beneficial if your derm won't prescribe accutane. I understand it irritates your skin, but try applying it every other night, or every third night. Your skin needs time to adjust to the medication, so be patient. Also, make sure you're only applying a pea-sized amount. More medication does not mean it'll be more effective or work faster. 


It's also worth mentioning that facial and body acne can be a case for accutane, especially with scarring. Be honest with your derm: what you've tried and the research you've done. You may in fact be a good candidate for accutane so play the cards you were dealt and see what happens.


Good luck with getting clear!


P.S. totally agree with TheFearlessFace to avoid vaseline. 

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