What Type Of Skincare Should You Do After Accutane

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okay so ive finished my coarse of accutane a couple weeks ago and my skin is starting to return to normal, and i was wonering what type of skincare regime would be good for my skin to maintain the clear-ness, because before accutane i was use a lot of facial washes specifically for acne prone skin and toners and benzyl peroxide creams, and now im not sure what to use, now i have normal skin because my previous stuff would damage my skin too much, please help, thankyou xo

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Congrats on finishing your course.


How old are you?


Although Accutane is a very effective treatment, acne can return after it - especially if you are young and/or had severe acne before treatment. (If acne returns after Accutane it usually happens within 3 years, and even if it does return it typically comes back less severe.)



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That's why it is important to initiate a maintenance therapy after your Accutane course.

I would recommend a topical retinoid with or without BP as well.
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Also see my post here
Good luck
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