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Moisturizer On Oily Skin?

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This seems to be something that is widely disagreed upon by dermatologists and aesteticians...I have had derms tell me it doesn't matter what you put on your face, its your internal hormones and genes that determine how much oil you will put out. I have had derms tell me, your skin's oil COULD be effected by environment and most aesteticians swear up and down that outside stuff and climate causes more or less oil production. I have read that if you have oily skin you should not use moisturizer unless you feel dry, but have also read that you should always use it whether your skin is oily or not.

Does anyone have any advice on whether oily skin can indeed benefit from moisturizer? I live in a dry climate and my skin always feels pretty oily.

PM - Clean face with water and cotton rounds. Spot treat with Finacea.
AM- Wash face with Aveeno Gentle Foaming Cleanser and apply Sanitas Oil Free moisturizer
30mg Absorbica for 8 months

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I have very very oily skin and also acne prone skin. For the longest time I never saw the need in using moisturizer because my face was already shiny in the first place. When I started getting acne when I was around 12-13 years old I started trying out all these acne clearing washes, toners and creams, my acne never responded to it though and it progressively got worse. My aunt who is a doctor, although she is in no way a dermatologist, explained to me that treating my skin with all there acne fighting solutions to dry out my acne just makes my skin worse because although after applying acne treatment your skin dries out, it then tells whatever oil glands you have in your face to produce more oil to make up for the dryness.

I started using gentler face washes after than and tried lightly moisturizing my skin and I did feel it helped with the oil control. Also, I keep my washing at twice a day and also use those oil control sheets throughout the day just to take away the shine from the face.

Morning Routine:
- CLEANSER: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser/ Cleanser
- BENZOYL PEROXIDE : 1 pump of The 2.5%
- MOISTURIZER: CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion + 5-6 drops of Jojoba Oil

Evening Routine:
- CLEANSER: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser/ Cleanser
- BENZOYL PEROXIDE : 1 pump of The 2.5%
- MOISTURIZER: Cetaphil Moilturizing Lotion/Cream + AHA + 5-6 drops of Jojoba Oil

- Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in C25

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
- Pressed Powder: MAC Select Sheer in NC20

The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Power

Smashbox Photoset Pressed Power in Light
- Foundation: Revlon Colorstay for Oily/Combination Skin in Buff

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fuide in Cashew

- Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude
- Scrub: St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control (twice a week in the AM)

- Eyecream: Clinique All About Eyes
- Medication: Diane 35
Meftormin 500mg (for PCOS)
- Supplements: Vitamin D3 (1000UI/day) --- Started 5/16/2013
Zinc (50mg/day) --- Started 5/16/2013

And this is all done as gently as possible. smile.png

This is my Regimen journey. ---

Ordering Products from the Philippines. ---

This is my two year update on The Regimen and the products I have used ---

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nicmac62 is right.

Moisturizer only helps oily skin if your skin produces more oil because of the products you use to wash your face.

But if you don't use products that strip the oil from your face that makes it dry then moisturizer won't help oily skin. (But personally I would still use it)

The more harsher the products, the more your skin will become dry which causes it to produce more oil :(

Even if you don't use harsh stuff on your face i'd still moisturize at night at least :P cause it helps prevent wrinkles!!

Since you use Differin, I would moisturizer morning and night though. It dries out your skin.

PS: Milk of Magnesium helps for oily skin, it's weird but it works.

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hi there lifeinfaith! I also have oily skin. I have tried several products but when i get oily, acne comes after. Yet, my current regimen helped acne and hardly cause my face to be oily. What i am using now is all natural products from the wash, toner and moisturizer. My acne found the real rescue with the essential bar from buzzy's essential. I use the essential bar variant because i have sensitive skin. it can only be ordered online at *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*

I took the hassle and all the waiting to order online because this is the only soap that helped me after my long journey in acne. For the toner, i am using dickinson's witch hazel oil controlling astringent. This is available locally. It smells not so good but can control oil. The moisturizer is emu oil. this is also all natural and thus, mild yet does the work. It is also available locally.


My current regimen (Day and Night)

Wash: The essential bar from Buzzy's essentials *Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules*

Tone: Dickinson's witch hazel

Moisturize: Emu oil


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I recommend a light moisturizer even if you have oily skin. If you're using very stripping ingredients like benzyl peroxide you need to help your skin protect itself- essential you are removing the skins natural barrier and altering its pH- something that in itself can contribute to acne. Try to limit cleansing to once a day, evening is preferable. Then in the morning just rinse with water and/or a toner and follow with your normal routine.

Also consider your diet and the oils and fats you are consuming. Consuming fat is incredibly beneficial to the skin but only if it is the right kind. I recommend coconut oil and olive oil. Limit processed foods. We are what we eat- literally, the fat we consume becomes the fat and oil our skin creates. Processed, hydrogenated oils in the diet will come out in the skin.

Best of luck!

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