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Cyst On Side Of Nose Issue!

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 11:58 AM

Where my left cheek meets the side of my nose is where I know have a whopping cyst. It started about a week ago as just an irritated part of my skin with no bump, however now it is a full blown cyst which makes my nose look very swollen.


Normally I would have had a cortisone shot as I was able to schedule multiple derm appointments, however it just so happens that I had to get a new insurance plan and I am still waiting for my id card to be mailed, therefore there is nothing I can do. Insurance companies piss me off.......


How should I go about treating this cyst? I already tried to pop it with a needle which was real stupid because it did nothing but bleed and inflame a little more. I have just started to use a hot compress which initially seems to help, but then after about an hour the cyst is back to normal. Cold compresses do not seem to do anything for me, other then to numb the pain, but my cyst is only painful when you squeeze it.


I have the mint juleep masque that people say is good on cysts, however I am afraid that because its so thick, it will further block my pores making my cyst worse. I have also been using tea tree oil, neosporin, bp 10%, and an aloe moisturizer all to no real effect.


It used to be just a colorless bump, but now its red and has a distinct shape which I can cover up with some of my sisters concealer, but then its just back to he colorless obvious bump, and then when I take off the concealer, I seem to irritate it again.


Any suggestions?

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 02:15 PM

Your insurance is active if you have already switched and they've sent a card. You can call the insurance company and ask them to email/fax or just tell you the information you will need. Dr offices are accustomed to calling the insurance company for any information you may have forgotten, or to get a scan of the actual card, if necessary.

In the meantime, apply ice to the swollen area. Dab a drop of lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil such as argan oil, tamanu oil or rosehip seed oil on the cyst. The lavender oil will disinfect, reduce inflammation & swelling and shrink the cyst in a very short amount of time. Be aware that using lavender oil directly on the cyst without a carrier oil will cause horrible drying-even burning of the skin.

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