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Once Again, My Acne Cleared Up Significantly

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About a year ago I started spiro 50mg and cleared my acne pretty nicely but my doctor told me to up my dose to 75mg and 100mg, and then hell broke loose! My skin started breaking out in cysts all over again for a good 4 months...after my doctor was crazy enough to try to up me to 125mg! And I didn't! I figured that 50mg did me well and I didn't want to have crazy menstral cycles,hoping my acne would get better.

I went down to 50mg soon after without doctor consent...which is bad, but I did it anyway. (In no way do I recommend anyone doing that! I should have asked! Do not do it, ask first always!)

But suddently, for the next few weeks my acne started clearing up dramatically; I also used bp to control my breakouts and it worked extremely well! That is now a staple in my regimen.

So far, my skin looks great again, just a few dark scars since I'm dark skinned, but they will go away with time.

My recommendation is start off slow with the consent of your doctor with spiro. Some doses work better than others depending on the individual.

I have photos if you want to see them! I'll post them later, or you can mail me and I can send them to you directly! I honestly wanted to give back to the community! Good luck on your journey everyone!


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Yeah I agree with the dosages are so different for people. I am on 100 mg a day and I stay 99% clear I manage a white head or 2 a month. I tried 125 mg to see if I could try and avoid the whiteheads and be 100% clear. I broke out in sit red angry zits and cysts! My obgyn suggested I stick it out and see if I clear in a month or two and I wasn't having it. So I also lower my dosage from 125 back to 100 and was clear again a couple weeks later. Funny though it took 3 days on 125 for my skin to go from good to mayhem!


AM: CeraVe foaming face wash, 100mg Spirolactone

PM: CeraVe foaming face wash, witch hazel, AHA+

Been taking Sprio since 1/2013

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