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Do Your Friends Ever Make Fun Of Other People's Acne?

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 01:05 AM

I did have one friend who in a sense actually made fun of my acne if I remember correctly she asked me if it was contagious, if it could some how transfer to her from me or my cousin who had even worse acne. She also made fun of him a lot too. Needless to say she's not my friend any longer for countless reasons.

I do wish people had a better understanding its not a sickness that can be cured. We don't choose to have acne. And their many remarks or glares don't help with our self-esteem issues at all.

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 10:23 AM

No one has ever made fun of my acne in front of me when I had acne. But im sure behind there back everyone makes fun of everyone.

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 03:27 PM

There's one of my friend that suitable with this topic.
I don't know, she's my bestfriend but she always try to put me down(many people around me said include my mom,its not my own feeling~), she doesn't like if I were 1 step forward her.. And this is the most sucks and bothering things from her..
How come my "bestfriend", who knows my journey of 'struggling with pimples' from the time when I only had 1-2 pimp, then raised again become a whole face, then healed again, and now become a big trouble againn that dropped down my confidence(this is at the same time when I lost my boyfriend-even I never show my sorrows) could say this to me over and over again,
"Ouch, I have one big pimp on my nose(her skin is perfectly flawless),its so bad!! T___T , how to make it goneeee"
Dam*, she keep repeat it again and again, feels like its a big deal and it means that she wanna show/tell me that "Look at your face, 1 pimp is enough ugly, look at you know , a full moony tomato red face,haha so ugly" .
I don't understand with that silly girl,
In my mind, I don't like to commenting my friends moreover straightly in front of them.
But why she looks so happy to do that, even if my reaction just smiling and said, don't worry it won't last longer, just don't touch it~
Well well well,she also like to commenting people if she's look more ugly after she had a bad acnes on her face and she tell that shit at me.wkwkkwk..
D*mn,, howcome,I don't even mind if she has a veryvery big pig nose and face,,but why she always hurt anyone around her.
May God open up your heart 'besties' ..,,
Oh forgive me too God for having a negative thinking-but I swear its not my own feeling wkwkk~

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 11:39 PM

I've had acne... well forever. It was HORRIBLE in high school, but I can now say that I have MODERATE acne (YAY! ONE SMALL ACCOMPLISHMENT!!)


Anyways, I graduated high school two years ago, and one of my favorite teacher's sons started going to my old high school. He was (still is) quite good looking. He started getting older and developing severe acne. Its to the point where he constantly has scars. His face is crusted over with dried blood. When I first noticed his acne, I felt so bad but I never said anything (I don't like others commenting on my acne and I don't do it to others who have it).


So one day my friend and I went to a band concert and stayed a bit after to talk to some friends. Well my teacher's son was there and was taking a group picture with his friends. They yelled at him to smile and he said "I can't it hurts..." He was broken out so bad that it HURT for him to smile. My heart sank when I heard him say that. My friend who was next to me then whispere "Eww look at his ugly acne, how on earth did he get so ugly so fast? He needs some proactive."


I nearly punched the bi*** in the face. IF she was making fun of him, I can't imagine what she says about me when I'm breaking out! And nothing pisses me off more than when people tell me "You need Proactive!" PROACTIVE ISN'T FOR EVERYONE YOU IGNORANT FU**.


So yeah. That really upset me . I wonder if people thought of me like that (and still do) when I look as bad as he did.

He and I didn't choose acne. If we could, it would all be gone with the blink of an eye. Am I the only one with friends who judge others for having things they didn't choose to have? ;( What would you have done in my situation?


i think that's a really uncomfortable situation. honestly, my close friends have never been one to remark and make fun of people with acne. i think being friends with them if they were that type of person would have made the whole getting clear experience completely unbearable.


it is ignorance, but also, bad etiquette. i'm not the most polite person in the world..lol..believe me, but people who make fun of someone's acne or any chronic condition have a poor sense of courtesy and considersation. i thought i was one of the few who heard the whole "you need proactiv" bullshit. imo, you should steer clear, or at least talk to your friends about how it bothers you.


a few years ago i was waiting for the bus, and this random person started shouting at a girl in front of me, commenting on her acne. he kept calling her ugly, and she just ignored him. i felt horrible for not saying anything.

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