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what do u guys think about Rice Bran Oil(RBO)?


and what about sunflower oil?

(i mention sunflower oil because since sunflower seeds are considered so good and are ideal for our diet so i wander if the oil extract will be equally healthy or not!)


Rice bran oil :

it's supposedly good according to many sites and people.

they say it's good for diabetics and also for our heart.

i am not very sure about the skin aspect,which i must say am curious about.


a quote from a site(that promotes and probably sells RBO) :


Gamma Oryzanol
Rice bran oil is rich in gamma-oryzanol, a group of ferulate esters of triterpene alcohols and phytosterols. The high antioxidant property of gamma-oryzanol has been widely recognized. Studies have shown several physiological effects related to gamma-oryzanol and related rice bran oil components. These include its ability to reduce plasma cholesterol, reduce cholesterol absorption and decrease early atherosclerosis, inhibit platelet aggregation, and increase fecal bile acid excretion. Oryzanol has also been used to treat nerve imbalance and disorders of menopause.

Rice bran oil is the only readily available oil, other than palm, that contains significant levels (approximately 500 ppm) of tocotrienols. These occur in at least four known forms and are similar to the tocopherols in chemical structure. They belong to the vitamin E family and are powerful natural antioxidants. The protective benefits of dietary antioxidants in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer have been widely publicized.


Rice Bran Oil is a healthy oil with uses in cooking, frying, as a salad dressing, baking, soap making, as even a supplement to horses, dogs and other animals.

Why Rice Bran Oil in cooking? For grilling, you need an oil that can take the heat. Specifically, you want an oil with a high smoke point, the point at which oil starts to smoke. When cooking, you don't want your oil to smoke, because it imparts a negative flavor to the foods.

Rice bran oil's smoke point is 490 degrees F, higher than even grapeseed oil (480 degrees) or peanut oil (320 - 450 degrees). This means that even in the hottest of situations, rice bran oil won't smoke or breakdown. Your foods will taste better, and they will be less likely to stick to the grill or griddle.

Pure rice bran oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant. Rice bran oil is also a rich in the neutraceutical gamma-oryzanol (see below for health benefits).

Rice Bran Oil has NO cholesterol and NO trans fatty acids. It is naturally low in saturated fat.

Rice Bran Oil is also rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids.

Rice Bran Oil is naturally free of trans fatty acids (TFA's)



i am adding some links to articles on Rice Bran oil(cooking) :














used for skin - cosmetics/topical use :








Do you guys have any idea about whether or not RBO  and SUNFLOWER OIL is good?

heard of any bad aspects yet?




as for the price i can say about the ones we get here in india - they are extremely reasonable.

a little more than regular vegetable oils(soyabean oil etc) but way less than olive oil(no matter what brand it is!).









i don't claim all the above information is 100% right or true.

i have just collected it.


also,comparison to other vegetable oils,olive oil,sesame oil, etc CAN be considered.

(keeping quality,price and ingredients in mind).

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anybody from the diet forum?

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