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Truth Revealed On Laser For Acne Scars**must Read***

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I was trying to remember the name of the other device, you are right it is very similar to intracel. I talked with someone else on here that we getting intracel treatments, and they were happy with repeated treatment. I'm not sure how many side effects will be seen after more people get it done. It is less downtime with very similar results to stronger lasers when a doctor uses strong settings. You can just get the heating without the needling and that will tighten the skin, but the needling will penetrate the heat deeper to where the scars are. I don't know how deep the needles go, but there are various settings. I would just start with a spot treatment if possible. You want to see if it goes well. The cost is definitely more affordable with fractora.

Well, I see that there are different types of fractora out there and some are actually for getting rid of fat in the chin. I am guessing if they penetrate deeper it will melt fat. Thermage was used on the face and caused a lot of people to lose fat. So, if for some reason the rf heat gets too deep into your face or something goes wrong you could lose fat in your face. I did read one review of a lady who had in on her lids and under eyes and afterwards they were worse with looser skin. Obviously the fat was lost there. I would never let it get near my eyes since skin is thinner. The good thing is the heat misses more of the top part of your skin so there is less downtime. Unfortuntately, I would have to travel 4 hours to get this done, but I will probably be moving with my military husband again at the end of August, so would be closer later.

ya i read on the fat loss . since fractora is adjustable i assume this problem can be avoided. my scarring is on my upper cheeks so i dont think i would be at risk of loosing fat there no? one thing i am really confused about is fractora is almost identical to intracel which is also RF microneedling. unless there the same method just different name i reallly wanna know whats the difference and which one is more effective on deep acne scarring. also i dont think 1mm penetration is deep enough for the deep scars. what do you think?


>No_Hope, I confess I have not read through this thread, but responding to your original post I believe your doctor is a negative ninny and full of poop. Fraxel Re:pair done at high mj settings has proven itself. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me. The biggest waste of money would be anybody seeking help that would waste their time and pay his fee. How many people who could have been helped have taken his advice?

P.S. If you don't go strong then just stay home. Minimum mj = minimum results. It is as simpl

e as that.

im glad laser worked for you dudley. you have to remmeber at the end of the day everyone has different skin types. laser is suited more for people with light skin. im hispanic i wouldnt be a candidate for fraxel restore or repair. also with all the side effects and the overpriced cost its just not worth it in the end with some people. the ratio to people having succuess and people not having successs, the non successs is much greater.

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I agree cortisone is bad and thins skin, so I haven't used it in years. The thing about my scars is they were very inflamed to begin with, even before the microdroplet silicone I had. But since I see no results in the middle of my scars I wonder where the stuff went, and if it perhaps went to the outer edges, where there is too much collagen buildup, thus creating thicker scars. Silicone makes your body build collagen around it, it doesn't inhibit collagen.

Selplyl is where they take your blood and put in into a centrifuge machines, spin it, creating more fibroblasts and inject it into your skin. I have heard it can help, but it doesn't stay like a filler, it spreads out and just is suppose to bring healthier skin.

The fractora machine seems new out, I have read some good reviews through research now, but also it looks a lot like thermage, with the RF heating. Just wondering if I would lose fat. My skin is definitely starting to need tightening though at 38.

Hi Panos,

Being a vegan has nothing to do with having parasites. I don't eat meat/ eggs/ dairy because I love animals...and I discovered my skin healed as a result of my healthy vegan mostly raw & organic eating habits.... tea tree oil/ sea salt & lavender oil were also key to recovering from acne.

I think the herbalist is a meat eater so he is biased in his views about vegans. Instead I think there are loads of parasites / worms in meat/ dairy/ eggs but not vegetables/ fruits etc....

Cheers smile.png

Hi Tricia,

I think injecting your face with silicon is very harmful. Is there any way you can take it out of your body/ scars?

Also, how can your scars heal if there's an artificial substance in them blocking your collagen? And the inflammation is most probably due to the silicon. I think you need to see a specialist which can help take out the silicon. That would be the first thing you need to do IMHO. And as for cortisone, that is sooooo bad for your skin & body long term. You have got to stop using that ASAP. Please see a naturopath or Chinese medicine specialist for more holistic healing advice.

I'm sure your body can heal its scars naturally if you give it good nutrition/ mesotherapy & ensure you have no toxins in your body or on your skin.

Cheers smile.png

PS What are PRP or selphy?

PPS If you want fillers, you should only get the ones that use a natural substance that dissipates naturally with time i.e. either your own body fat or hyaluronic acid i.e. restylene etc

PPPS TCA won't rebuild your skin tissue....your body needs to harness its own natural wound healing response to rebuild collagen/ skin tissue naturally. And your skin needs lots of vitamin c to do this...please try applying fresh lemon juice to your skin daily. Preferably after skin needling. You can also add retin a on top every 3 or 4 days to help your skin remodel. Also, supergreen powder (with chlorella/ spirulina/ wheat/ grass) is jammed with minerals/ EFAs/ vitamins your skin needs to heal. Mix it with manuka honey (10 + factor) and fresh lemon juice for a nourishing therapeutic skin mask. Use it 3 or 4 times per week for an hour. It should really help your skin. I use Synergy Natural Supergreen powder but there are other brands too. You could also look into taking beta glucan capsules and applying it to your skin. This is very beneficial to healing & improving your immune system (so too glutathione). B3 niacinamide is also vital for healing damaged skin.

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He is not a meat eater Aqua sea. He claims meat CANT be digested by the hyman body.

Too much vegetables will result in parasite build up.

According to him,always, only sweet fruits from the trees are made for human body to digest.

Fruits will clean your blood .For him,a 40 days orange juice fast will give you new skin .A 21 days OJ fast gives new heart.

And a 14 days OJ fast gives 5x red blood cells. Just passing claims.

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