Is Cod Liver Oil Capsules Playing A Part In My Acne?

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Hello, I posted on here last year about my acne and things have stayed the same, if not got worse.


Since then I've been to the doctors and was prescribed Oxytetracyline for a few months which I thought, making the effort going there and getting medication that is prescribed, I'd be clear free or atleast clearer after a couple of months. Nope. It tidied up a little but I was still getting outbreaks and found they weren't worth trying to squeeze into my daily routine. Something like 2 lots of 2 tables a day and you can't take milk amongst other things within 2 hours of taking them. 


In the end I never went back. I tried more over the counter products including sudocrem, neutrogena, clean and clear. It's all crap. Recently I've just tried washing with water. Nothing great. 


I am 21 year old male and had acne since I was about 17-18 I think? The last year or 2 though it's got really worse. I've never been so self-conscious in my life. I can't stand looking at my face. Whenever there is a spot on my face and I'm talking to somebody I'd try and casually hide it with my face or turn so they can't see it. Every photo that is taken of me I hate. Just goes to show... my Facebook profile picture is of me facing the other way! But, obviously posting this to this message board, I know I'm not the only one like this but hey, it's not RIGHT. 


Anyway, back to the point. I've been taking 7 seas cod liver oil capsules for ages now. I thought cod liver oil was supposed  to make your skin look healthy? I take it to stop me from getting bad. I have this weird feeling since I've been taking it I haven't really been ill. Anybody have any experience of this/coming off it?

Oh, and just to clarify I will admit I do pop my spots. I just have to. Going out with a big yellow spot on my face makes me cringe, and it happens almost every day. I suppose doing this all this time has been a stupid thing to do. 

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