Rosacea( Nosse, T-Zone) [With Pic]

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Hello, everyone. I want to apologize in advance for my English, I use Google translator to write this text.
Over 3 years I have a disease and acne rosacea on the nose, more recently, acne on the chin were (fewer), but there was a terrible redness that does not go (t-zone).
I use Obagi.
I have panic that I never will cure rosacea on the nose. Help please advice.
Thank you all in advance
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You'll find more information here:  There are several types of rosacea, and the word is more of a simple description, rather than an actual diagnosis of the cause of it. 


For example, some people with demodex-induced rosacea have reported good results with tea tree oil, mixed 10% at first into any carrier oil, and then, if your skin can tolerate it without too much stinging, up to 50% in a carrier oil, like olive oil or avocado oil.  Other people with rosacea use a facial mask of 90% raw, unfiltered honey mixed with 10% distilled water, and report good results.  Other people really like the commercial product, ZZ Cream.  


With so many different products being claimed as effective, it's likely that there are many different causative agents for rosacea.


I encourage you to try new products to do a differential diagnosis for the several types of rosacea, and you may find a product that manages or even cures the redness.  Good luck!

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