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I started having mild acne and clogged pores since 7 years ago and now the acne is less harsh (only around my chin and nose area) then it was at first, but the clogged pores on my chicks and nose stayed the same.


I used to do the full regimen when my acne was worse but now I just use dan's cleanser every other day in the shower,

and dans AHA/benzol as a kind of spot threatment. That is all I use on my face and I'm happy with it (used to be all red and flaky from the regimen), whats left is the clogged pores everywhere.


My nose is full of black clogged pores (not picured) for the longest time and unlike those

on the chick, those don't get unclogged like some in the pic (yellow goo), they look permenant.

Atleast they don't seem to cause any acne outbreak, as most of my acne is on my chin

and I have no clogged pores there.



I'm not even sure if this are clogged pores or some other condition, as I also have constant red chicks,

its hard to capture this with a phone camera, But here's some current pics:







Any suggestion for a home remedy (I don't have money/time for facials) that won't aggerate my acne or turn my face red and flaky?



Thanks ahead,


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just start moisturizing everyday a good oil free moisturizer should do! 

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