Closed Comedone Treatment?

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Im dealing with severely stubborn comedonal acne.  on my forehead only. Just wondering what solutions have worked for those of you suffering from closed comedones. I just did a huge extraction tuesday, now im waiting for the tiny scabs to heal. Im washing with clean n clear foaming facial cleanser in the morning along with neutrogena stress control 2% salycilic acid toner and neutrogena oil free moisturizer. Same routine at night just switching from that wash to panoxyl 10% bp. Im gna start trying the aspirin mask soon since is salycilic acid too. & exfoliating. Im stickin to salycilic acid cause my this acne completely went away in march, for a whole month n the only thing I was doing was washing with s.a wash. Thats it. One night out with makeup & bangs ruined all my hard work. So whats your solutions or treatment??? What has worked for u??????

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