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Super Green Face Mask: Fresh Lemon Juice + Manuka Honey (Factor 10+) + Supergreen Powder (Chlorella/ Spirulina/barley Grass/ Wheat Grass)

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Hi Everyone,

I am recovering from major BP skin damage that left my skin chronically red/ thin & with early stage rosacea.

I have been researching what would help my skin and I have been using Retin A (sparingly i.e. every 3 or 5 days - but I've heard retinaldehyde is far better for rosacea) along with 100% rosehip oil (NB I just stopped daily massaging over 4 weeks which also helped my skin). This treatment routine has helped my skin redness considerably.

However, I found this face mask really effective too:

  • Fresh lemon juice (1 squeezed wedge)
  • Manuka honey - factor 10+ (1 teaspoon)
  • Supergreen powder - chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass (1 teaspoon) NB I use this one

    I leave this face mask on my face for 3 to 4 hours before washing off ...I then leave fresh lemon juice (and/ or sometimes 100% rosehip oil) on my skin post face mask (I also like to skin needle my face before applying the fresh lemon juice with a 0.25mm roller from does sting, but I think the results are better with skin needling...there are also single needling options too.....see I do this 3 times per week at present (and then I'll do it once a week when my skin has satisfactorily healed).

Here's an article about supergreen face masks:

I think it's effective because it contains complete protein (i.e. bio available amino acids), complete minerals including zinc, calcium and copper, and I think complete vitamins too. It also detoxes the skin, feeds the skin, encourages skin growth/ turnover, heals the damaged skin DNA and exfoliates the damaged top layer of the skin.

I'm also thinking of getting Catalyst Plus and Stem Factor (Lipsomal Growth Factor Serum) from Osmosis in future (if I see that I still need more potent topicals): See or ...BION Research also looks like a good skin care range... or and so does Pure Skin Junkie

Anyway, hope this supergreen face mask recipe helps you too :)

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Here's another great option, beta glucan...I posted this info elsewhere and thought it would be useful here too:

Beta Glucan: A Skin Care Ingredient Everyone Should be Using

What is it?

Beta-glucan stimulates macrophage activity, which plays a crucial role in the skin by scavenging scar tissue and debris, removing bacteria, stimulating immune repair and providing a wealth of growth factors that feed, renew and remodel the skin.

What does it do for the skin?

  • Increases macrophage activity to clean up scar tissue at the dermal/epidermal junction. This helps to remodel the skin by clearing up pathways of communication between the epidermis and dermis.
  • Supports the skins healing process.
  • Improves and supports immune function of the skin.
  • Can be used to treat burns or wounds.

What skin type/conditions benefit from Beta Glucan?

  • Acne skin benefits from Beta-glucan greatly because of the macrophage activity which helps to support the healing of and works to decrease scarring from breakouts by increasing skin immunity.
  • Aging skin benefits from the removal of scar tissue, remodelling the skin and making room for new well formed cells and increased cell communication.
  • Hyper pigmented skins benefits from the removal of scar tissue at the dermal/epidermal junction making way for improved cellular crosstalk which can help improve melanocytes (and general cell) function.
  • Rosacea skin conditions benefit greatly as it allows for easier communication between the epidermis and the dermis resulting in improved skin function while reducing redness in the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Products with Beta-glucan:

Osmosis Products:

  • Acne Blend, Anti-aging Blend
  • Vitamin A Serums – Clarify, Correct, Renew, Calm
  • Enlighten
  • Refresh, Refresh PM

Treatments that utilize Beta-glucan:

  • Osmosis Nourishing Facial
  • Advanced Acne Facial
  • Rosacea calming facial
  • Needling Infusion Treatments
  • Medical Skin Needling

Source: http://www.sknclinic...hould-be-using/

PS Other brands include Garden of Wisdom, New Directions Beta Glucan Liquid etc ...Still searching for a perfect/ all natural/ high potency beta glucan product !!! Please let me know if anyone sources are a great brand!!!

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