mild to moderate acne Is Witch Hazel Causing My Breakouts?

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About a week ago my skin was glowing clear aside from maybe one small spot. I had been using witch hazel (dickinsons) for about a week as toner and then applying my regular lotion (burts bees daily sensitive skin) with no problems. I recently started to break out pretty badly but have kept up with my routine. I'm also about to get my period, so some pimples are to be expected but I usually only get one or two that go away after a few days! My forehead is going crazy and a bit on my cheeks and around my nose. I know this isn't purely my hormones and the witch hazel is the only change I can think of making recently.. Is this just the witch hazel purging my skin like it should? Or is it not for me and i should toss it? HELP.

Or could it be the lemon juice that I've been trying? I've been squeezing half a lemon in my water morning and night for the past few days.. Is this purging?

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