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Cure For Deadskin, Blackheads, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Amazing And No Creams Or Topicals Needed!

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Hello all,

I'm going to start off by saying I am in no way related to the company that creates this product, I ordered it from them because I have used their chemical peels in the past with good success.


They sell a flannel, literally!  That's it, it's £11, I'm sure they ship to america.


You're probably best off rreading about it on their website, it has worked wonders for me!  Removing blackheads and deadskin that nothing on the regimen ever did for me, even though it's a washcloth it does not irritate my skin, it just works, I'm amazed.


I recommend cleansing with cleanser, apply it to the skin quickly and gently, then wipe over with the cloth.


My skin literally feels like it was when I was 10, I'm posting it here to hopefully show other members how good it is and get the word around :)


I don't think links are aloud on posts, but here it is, if it gets removed, just google 'dermaflannel bravura london'


good look to anyone that tries this :) 

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