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Old Moisturizer

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 12:40 AM

Does anyone have the ingredients for the old formula? If yes, please post.

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 12:48 AM

just ask dan

1 Start reading --> Help Me! What I Do!?!? /// 2 what to use? right here --> the acne.org line -- why are you making it any more difficult? -- that's all you need. you don't need anything more than that. follow it exactly, then tell me how it was in detail (with photo proofs)


3 is it Christmas yet? -->> Cure Acne Guide <<-- (you may pm me one highest quality evidence for my reviewing)


look, you may not care, but i do -- misinformation or awfully poor data is extremely dangerousmuch comes from marketers, gurus, other media, and simply unreliable, careless people, fake or real, intentionally or not. they are NOT there to help you -- and they don't care about you -- understand that. if they did, they would make sure the data was reliable -- absolutely reliable -- among other things. so you better have diligence. You should care about where you get your data from, because 99% of it is crap, and if you still don't care, then i don't care, and you can go ahead and eat unreliable fast food junk data and bloat yourself up to become a low-quality person for the rest of your life. good people don't want that for you, only the bad do. at times, you'll piss a lot of people off when you tell them what's reality. there's a lot of sigs, and if you want to keep with quality, this is the only place i personally trust until someone shows me solid, reliable evidence. 


i have a one 1-line reply per directly acne-specific thread policy. all distractions/notifications turned off. if you have reliable evidence i should see, you may pm



* evil people have profiteered off of the expense of others long enough,


* so remember im only sharing this guide for those Few people


* that will actually care and appreciate it. im doing you a Huge favour~

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