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Severe Acne

Bad Breakouts

chin cheeks neck pimple maybe hormonal possibly cystic

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 08:20 PM

I have always suffered from acne, yet recently i have started to suffer from more severe acne and I can't seem to get it under control. Ive tried so many different products, yet because i have sensitive skin, i cant seem to find one that can help my acne at all. Ive been using acne free but it doesnt seem to be helping. I have read reviews on the De La Cruz Sulfer Ointment but im not sure if i want to try it because some reviews say it helped, while others explain how it made their face worse. I really need some help in pointing me into the right direction on what products would be best to help my acne. PLEASE HELP ME! IM DESPERATE! 

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 08:28 PM

Try a wash with no acne treatment in it itself. Or perhaps going on the caveman regimen. But first things first, don't drastically change anything about your skin routine. I tend to have my worst breakouts when I'm jumping from product to product. I used to try something, and if it didn't work in a week or two I'd be discouraged and try something else. DON'T DO THAT! Skin loves routine, and the simpler you make it, the better your skin will turn out.

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 06:56 PM

Since you didn't mention what kind of acne you have I will give you a list:


Small pimples and red spots = Use Cetaphil sensitive skin soap and wash your face 2 times a day, evening and morning. Apply Benzouyl peroxide in the evening after washing face. 


Pimples, angry red spots, Nodules and inflamed pimples = Use cetaphil sensitive skin soap 2x a day, and also use Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% or salycilic acid, apply after washing your face to troubled areas 2x a day.


SEVERE ACNE = Cystic acne = large angry swollen bumps that develop into hard or soft lumps under the skin = ACCUTANE.

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