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New To The Regime


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Hello All,

I'm new to the regime. I haven't started yet as i am waiting for the cleanser and BP in the mail which will hopefully get to me by the weekend or sometime next week. I thought i would start a log on here to document my process for myself and to also get advice and opinions. I've decided that i'm going to use my own moisturizer. I'm currently using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination skin. 


Here is a list of the products i'm currently using:


CleanserJosie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

Day Moisturizer - Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF30

Spot treatment - Acne Free Terminator 10 (10% Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide)

Night Moisturizer - Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin


Suprisingly the Argan Oil cleanser is making my acne slightly better. Not that its curing it or anything. It also makes my "good skin" look and feel very nice. I am a little scared to start this regime based on some of the logs i have been reading. But i'm also excited at the same time. I just hope my face doesn't break out too bad. 


A little history:

I'm 23 now. In high school my acne wasn't very bad at all. I had a couple zits here and there but for the most part i was clear. It wasn't until my first year of college that i started to break out more. Of course i tried all kinds of things from the drugstore. Some things sort of helped but most didn't keep my acne away. Thats when i also started to develop scaring from the acne i was getting. At that point it wasn't too bad. It wasn't until last year that my skin got worse. After i used this one cleanser my face just broke out. I only used the cleanser once. Since then i have tried many things from CVS to Sephora. I have finally realized that my cleanser should just be a cleanser and not have medication in it. I haven't gone to a dermatologist before. Although i have been considering it. I thought i would try's regime first as a last try.



So my regime will consist of Dan's cleanser and BP and 2 of he moisturizers i listed above. But i'm kind of hesistant to stop using the cleanser i am currently using. I was thinking of washing my face for example: Monday with the cleanser i use now and then Tuesday use Dan's and then Wednesday us mine and so on. Does anyone thing that will interfere with my skin clearing up? The reason i want to use 2 cleansers is because my face gets use to cleansers and then that don't seem to be as affective. I feel like the Argan Cleanser may help the dryness i will experience later with the regime. Let me know your thoughts on this!



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Week 2 (Day 8)


So Today is the day i start using the bp morning and night. I have already  done so this morning. My face feels like it was burning a little longer then usual but nothing too bad. I've noticed that i'm flaking a little more around my mouth and on my chin. The current actives that i have are slowly going down. Right now i have 5 actives on my face. 


Forehead - 2

Nose - 0

Right Cheek - 1

Left Cheek - 1

Left Temple - 1

Right Temple - 0

Chin - 0


They are all taking their sweet old time going away but its happening. One really annoying thing that happens once in a blue moon is getting an active in my ear. Those hurt! lol I decided to put some bp on it and see what happens. I'm trying really hard not to pick. I do catch myself touching my face. But i'm trying to remember to touch with the back of my hand. My face has gotten a little itchy so thats why i'm doing that. Hopefully i can keep going with the no picking thing. I don't want to create anymore scares then i already have. Right now things seem to just be normal. I don't have more acne than i normally do and i don't have any less. I'm sure that will change this week. But i'm excited about being clear.


Oh on another note. My mother is recommending me go to a dermatologist. I told her i would rather not go on some sort of retinoid. I'm on a regimen right now you know lol. I really want to see what happens with this before trying other things. It seems like this happens often. My sister has played a big part in trying to help me figure out what might work for my skin to make it better. I found this site on my own. But in the past every time my sister finds something she thinks might help i start using a new product and ditching the old one. Which means i end up using all these products and switching way too often. I have given things time before, but not the amount of time i'm going to be giving this regimen. She has already tried to get me to use some other product lol. I might end up seeing a derm anyway. I'm not sure. I guess it would be good to go to see what they say about my skin and what they might think the problem with it is. But i really don't want them to give me a treatment.

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Day 5


Not much has happened these past 5 days. Not that i expected much. My face has burned a little bit after applying bp to my face. One thing that is slightly annoying is that when i'm applying the bp my eyes burn and start to tear up a bit. But that settles down after a couple minutes. I'm not really too worried about it. I'm not putting the bp on my eyes if thats what your wondering. I have been avoiding that area.


In terms of my current actives they are starting to go away. Nothing new has popped up. I know this is just a "fake out" lol. Week 2 is near and i'm curious about how many actives will pop up. I've noticed a couple clogged pores on my nose. I keep looking at myself in the mirror. I know i should stop haha. I usually do this in the morning to see if any "magic" has happened over night. Which i know hasn't but i guess i'm just impatient already for my clear skin. I guess we'll see in a couple months or more.


One thing i'm curious about.

I have read some logs on here of people talking about the flaking. Which i know about, but some are saying skin is like sloughing off of their face lol. Is this an exaggeration? They just make it seem like sheets of dead skin is just hanging off of their face haha. I should hope it wouldn't be that bad.

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Hello long time no post.




I am still getting zits. Not suprised. I mean a this point at 7 weeks i think i'm at i should still have acne. I usually get 2 at a time. As the last one is healing up another one takes its place. My skin is sooooooo dry. I have continued to use Neutrogena's Deep Moisture Night Cream. I'm still getting this very very warm sensation after applying it. Its a bit uncomfortable and lasts 10 - 15 minutes. I feel like its a reaction to the bp. Anyways i think i might stop using it. Its uncomfortable and even more uncomfortable with the AHA. So i think i'm going to go back to using my Neutrogena Combination Skin moisturizer even though its not that moisturizing. At least i know it feels ok on my skin and works well with the AHA. My flakes seem to be more rough this week. And they easily come off kind of. I really hope they become less and less. But i just feel like i'm going to have flakes forever. Boo! I've only tried 2 new moisturers since the combo neutrogena one. And both just seem to not work well. I keep picking the wrong ones! lol I just want my skin to not be flaky as well as acne free. Is that too much to ask? haha

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