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Why Do We Develop Oily Skin As We Age?

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 08:26 PM

Less time in the sun (less vitamin D3) can make skin more oily. D3 has a lot to do with how your skin retains moisture and produces oil. A lot of people spend less time outside as they get older.

Would taking Vitamin D3 capsules help you think?


Theoretically, however it seems many (perhaps even a majority) of people do not properly absorb vitamin D3 from capsules. That's what the recent studies show and a lot of people anecdotally report. They don't notice any results taking D3 pills, but if they start going outside regularly it makes a difference. 


If you go outside for just 30 minutes a day (no sunscreen or makeup), you can get all the D3 you need without causing unnecessary skin damage. We are animals, we are meant to be in the sun sometime smile.png It's only recently that we've all decided that being indoors, shut off from light, and layering chemicals on our skin when we go outside is "healthy."

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 12:32 PM

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about this alot lately, why is it when I was younger around till I hit about 18 (I'm 23 now) my skin became super oily! But looking back on pictures and remembering..I never had oily skin as a younger kid but now being a young adult I feel like I have someone else's skin now..it's really discouraging and embarrassing. My skin is very oily, I will apply my makeup, my skin will loom greasy moments later. Just curious if anyone has an answer to why our skin becomes oilyer as we become older?? Is this hormone based? Or something else factoring in?

Our skin becomes oily as we hit puberty.Because during puberty Androgens(male sex hormones) increase in our body .While it's purely because of your hormones ,other lifestyle specifics could also be influencing it.Like the food you eat,the environment you live in.The stress you have and the sleep you have everyday.


P.S-You're gorgeous :)