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How I Got Rid Of Cystic Acne

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 01:55 PM

Oil pulling is simple, safe, and very inexpensive.
Basically it's oil "swishing"
You put 1tsp. of unrefined sesame oil in your mouth and swish it through your mouth and teeth for 20 minutes.
it will start to mix with your saliva.
Then, spit it out in the trash (don't spit down drain, the oil will eventually clog drain)
Rinse mouth with fresh water
Brush teeth and tongue
Enjoy clean mouth and feel great!

The benefits:
*pulls toxins out of your bloodstream
which is excellent for us with acne! You will notice a difference. Be patient.
*excellent for good oral hygiene and bad breath
*should notice a difference in many ailments because by pulling toxins out of your blood, it helps your whole body system function better
*there are many more benefits. Do a Google search.

The only negative side effects are:
*Don't use sesame oil if you're allergic to sesame
Use coconut oil instead
*Don't swallow the oil you've been "swishing". It contains toxins that have been pulled out of your blood.
*if you accidentally swallow some oil, it's ok. Those toxins were in your body to begin with wink.png
But the idea is to get them out!
*you might not like the feel of oil in your mouth at first, sesame oil is best. Keep trying and if you can't go the whole 20 minutes, that's ok! Build up to it. Basically, the longer you go, the more toxins you pull out.

P.S. it really does make you feel more healthy!
My face started just feeling cleaner after a few days.

How can swishing sesame oil in your mouth for twenty minutes "pull toxins out of your blood stream"? I mean is sesame oil a magnet and toxin pieces of iron that they would be attracted by the magnet and pulled towards it?