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Acne Won't Go Away

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I have had acne for 2 years now.

I have been on many different treatments, and none of them have seemed to work.

My first treatment was Proactiv. After a few weeks, it looked like it was begining to work.

I continued using this product for about a year. Eventually, my skin must've got used to it, because it stopped working.

I then saw my GP who put me on antibiotics. These did work for a while and my skin started to clear up, but then the acne started to come back again and the antibiotics weren't working anymore.

I went back to my GP after about 10 months on the antibiotics and she put me on stronger antibiotics and some Benzac cream. This treatment really did look like it was going to work, and it was. But just recently, it just stopped working. All my acne came back.

I just recently saw a dermatologyst who put me back on the same antibiotics but with a different cream and a different face wash. He says that if this treatment doens't work then I can come back in 5 months.

Every birthday, I wish for clear skin. Sometimes, I even dream about it.

I just want to be normal. None of my friends have ever had acne this bad.

I can't go out without having foundation on, and even if I do wear foundation my skin still looks bad.

I can't go out with my friends much anymore. I've become really self-concious about how I look.

I just want to be treated. I haven't felt normal for as long as I can remember.

I don't know what to do because I just want to live a normal life again.

Please, does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you x

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what is ur, and skincare routine like?

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1stly healthy for me may not be healthy for u.

u must figure out one diet that suits u.

u say tomato..which a night shade family member.i know people who are intolerant or allergic to them.(capsicum,bell peppers etc)

so u will have to try a elimination test on the kind of food items u take now?

what about dairy?(its considered 'healthy',isn't ?but its a very common trigger)



remember not all are effected by all the u gotta try out.

but i will definitely ask u to test for dairy and wheat 1st.since they are one BIG reason in most cases.


do u sleep for 7-8 hrs every night?


about the cleanser u use or used - can u specify the active ingredients pls?

bp works for u use it on ur face.all over?on just spot treatment?

i highly recommend a low% bha wash since it seems to work for most.1% to start with.

its suppose to unclog the pores,remove the upper dead layer and also keep u dry(not crazy dry) for good time.

bp is harsh for if u face any issues.i would say swap to clindamycin gel(with adapalene(differin) OR nicotinamide).

is ur skin oily?

zinc ,vit b complex. vit c helps.

u could get one capsule with all these vitamins.

drink lots of water.

take care of ur sugar spikes..cinnamon helps with that.

have warm lemon water in the helps in detoxifying.

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