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Acne Scars

acne scars moderate severe sad

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 06:53 PM

Hi, I have acne scars and active acne . I was hoping for some answers. Are my acne scars moderate, severe, or moderate-severe? Anyways, I'd like to post my pictures. Thank-you for any answers. By the way, acne makes me upset. Most of the time, I don't think about it but when I begin to think about s*xual attraction and picture taking, I can't seem to loosen up, because I don't think I will look good enough. Anyways, I have looked stuff online where it says women don't look at acne scars too much, but I'm not sure how bad mine really are. Anyways, I'm shy, but I'm getting more confident every day. Trying to limit my acne. It makes me feel uncomfortable saying these things, so please don't say anything rude. It's more than acne that makes me feel depressed sometimes. 17 and don't have a girlfriend, don't have tons of friends, not really active outside of school.. I'm just a really shy person. I'm really good at faking self-confidence, so that helps some, partially the reason for becoming more confident, but it only helps to a certain extent. Who knows, maybe it'll look less worst with the red spots and dark spots gone. The only things that are REALLY disappointing are the acne dent scars, or pick scars, whatever you call them. I know I digressed a bit here, but I'm just kind of in a mucky mood right now, especially after taking those side pictures of my face. I wouldn't even consider saying this, but this is online, and no one knows me, most likely, so I don't feel so rough saying this. Thanks for any responses :)

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 11:50 PM

Hey bro. Your scars aren't that bad at all.  As far as relationships go, I see plenty of guys with scars that have themselves cute, intelligent girlfriends. You will eventually grow out of your acne and all will be good. Focus on school and your future and everything else will fall in place in time. Get a degree, a good paying job, save money and you can have those scars lasered off if they truly bother you.


Keep your head up!

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