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Clindamycin Phosphate With Nicotinamide Or Adapalene?action?effectiveness?

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i am starting this post to weigh the two ends of clindamycin with nicotinamide(faceclin gel) and other with adapalene(faceclin-A gel)

(adapalene for many is DIfferin)

also,help people now and in future to select one topical is likely to be most effective.

main aims :

## considering functions of clindamycin phosphate,nicotinamide and adapalene(differin) alone and when together?

## choosing either nicotinamide OR adapalene when with CP?why?

##do u think clindamycin phosphate alone is effective or its functions are enhanced by other ingredients?

personal feed :

clindamycin phosphate alone is good.

clindamycin phosphate + nicotinamide is also very good.i've known people who only achieve success when CP is used with nicotinamide.

clindamycin phosphate + adapalene is likely to help many.but whether its better that the 1st two cases is for you all to decide?

please give ur opinions.

whether from ur own experience or from anecdotal.


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