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Caveman Regimen + Sweating

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Hi there fellow cavemen,

I got a question for you.

So I've started using the caveman regimen 4 weeks ago (I am currently "washing" my face twice a week with just a few splashes of water) and so far so good. After about 2 years of all kinds of creams and pills this finally cured my acne.

I only have one problem:

Whenever I'm working out and sweat heavily I get red spots all over my face and my skins looks really bad again. These

blemishes disappear again after 2-3 hours of my workout.

Is this normal?

If yes, how much longer will I be getting these "sweat blemishes" if I keep on doing the caveman regimen?

is it possible that heavy sweating slows down the repair progress of the caveman regimen?

Thank you in advance

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u wash ur face twice a week with water?

how about in shower?

u r seeing improvement ???

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Around 2 month ago I cut out all dairy products. That cleared all my zits up.

Then 4 weeks ago I stopped using any kinds of creams on my face and started to wash it only twice a week with filtered water. That's all i do.

I still shower daylie, but try not to get any water on my face while I'm in the shower (a bit anoying in the beginning but u will get used to it)

My skin improved a lot in the last 4 weeks. You don't really get any skin infections anymore, it feels like all your pores are potected by a layer of dead skin (btw: dead skin cells causing acne is the biggest bullshit i've ever heard).

The only problem I have right now is that when I sweat heavily I get lots of blemishes all over my face.

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dont u get oil build up on ur skin.

am afraid u might get clogged pores.

u need to remove ur dead skin cells to prevent clogging.

do u get tiny bumps or whiteheads?blackheads?

and no,dead skin causing acne is a fact.but its not just the dead skin.

its dead skin cells + p.acnes + dirt/sweat/unwanted anything clogged in ur pores.

am glad its working for u.(if u r sure that is)but am still skeptical mate.

good luck.

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